The Colbert Bump

If you have not seen the Colbert Report you may not have understood the title. Stephen Colbert is a comedian with a satirical news show on Comedy Central. When a political candidate goes on the Colbert Report there voting percent has a noticeable increase this increase has been dubbed "The Colbert Bump". 

With this in mind the Steelers Director of Football Operations Kevin Colbert seems to get his own bump when signing outside Free Agents. His targets are usually a position of need, a younger player who may have shown some potential but hasn't fulfilled it and who will not be a high dollar guy.

For example look to, Ryan Clark in '06, James Farrior in '02, and Mewelde Moore '08.

With this in mind I racked my brain to find these types of Free Agent players that Colbert could sign and they could contribute. Sorted by positions of need DB, DT, and RB


Chris Carr CB UFA- Baltimore Ravens

Carr was in his first full season as a starter who spent most of the first five season as a return specialist. Carr has good speed and decent ability and began to show some potential as a NFL caliber CB. After drafting a corner in the first round and other CBs on the roster Fabian Washington  and Josh Wilson who is a RFA.

Josh Wilson CB RFA- Baltimore Ravens

Wilson has very good coverage skills, and is good on special teams. He instantly became the Ravens starter and had his third straight year of returning a INT for a TD. If Baltimore decides to keep Fabian Washington and Chris Carr them may not tend Wilson. He isn't a big name but he can play.

Carlos Rodgers CB UFA- Washington Redskins

Tell me if this sound familiar to you, Rodgers is very solid in run support, has all the ability to cover the NFL best receivers but he can get INTs having only eight since 2005. Without out the INTs Rodgers doesn't get the respect he deserves for being as solid of player as he is. Kinda sound like Ike? Rodgers will get an offer from Washington but may not want to stay and could be a Steelers for a decent price, a little higher then they'd like though. Because of the price Rodgers will probably only be discussed if Ike did leae which isn't likely.

Defensive Tackle

There isn't much here and the best option in my opinion would be resigning Chris Hoke because of his knowledge of the system and his chemistry with the other guys. However there is one RFA I am curious about.

Alan Branch DT RFA- Arizona Cardinals

He never lived up to the fact he was a high second round draft. He struggled with conditioning and weight in his first couple of years and could not beat out veterans to get time at either DE or NT. However this year he came into camp in shape and when he went in to the game he showed his potential this year. The Cardinals Drafted Dan Williams last year and because there other 2 NT are free agents they may not let him go or they may sign the other too who have consistently been higher them him. If Branch can get his head on straight he would add youth to the NT spot and could develop to be a solid contributor with the Big Snack.

Running Back

With the lock out and his current age Mewelde Moore is the best option to be resigned.HE won't cost much and would provide time for either Dwyer or Batch to fill his roll. However just like with the DT position there is a RFA I like and he again is on the Cardinals

Tim Hightower RB RFA- Arizona Cardinals

Tim Hightower is the definition of what the Steelers need to fill at running back. He is a solid runner who could spell Mendenhall but more importantly he was one of the best receivers out of the back field in the league over the last couple of years. Not to mention he was the Cardinals best pass blocker. Hightower has a fumble problem which has been annoying Ken Whisenhunt and with the addition of a high second round pick and having LaRod Stephens-Howling, "the Hyphen" , the Cardinals need to drop a RB and Hightower could be it.

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