new CBA should be a huge payday for proven NFL veteran FAs

Ok, i always question these cap amounts b/c i see so many varying numbers, however these came from an ESPN Blog so i am assuming these numbers are somewhat accurate. If they are all wrong, please don't blame me.

Nonetheless, we now know that in the new CBA, the salary cap will be $120.375 for 2011 and all teams will be required to spend 99% of this amount or $119.17mm. This is going to be crazy because there are so many teams that are nowhere this number. Not only that but they only have a few days to decide if they have to choose between their existing free agents or go into the market. Some teams have no choice, like Tampa Bay and N. Carolina (they will be the Cowboys and Skins of 2011), they have to spend $59.7mm and $46.2mm respectively by the end of the 2012 season.  With that much money to spend they have to be exceptionally active in FA or they will have no chance to get up near the $120mm mark. (of course they could just re-sign & increase pay for their existing players if they don't want the risk of overpaying FAs)

So, if i look at these numbers, there is $563mm in available salaries (of course this includes $ that goes to rookies too), i now believe it is likely that nnamdi gets offered some ridiculous number like $20mm/year. I see him going to the Eagles or the Bucs based on these numbers and the fact that they are up and coming young teams. Raiders could also keep him if he has a change of heart and decides to stay in Oakland. NNAMDI is not going to the cowboys, not with their payroll !  And if Ike wants to get paid, he could probably get $13mm, it will be a big temptation to test the market.  My reasoning is that this new CBA is going to create the environment for a once-in-a-lifetime payday opportunity. The salary structure we are used to is temporarily going to go out the window. Guys like Routt and Bailey who signed for around $10mm may soon realize they could have gotten a lot more had they waited on the new CBA. But there was no way to predict that the new CBA would force all teams to spend in cash 99% of 2011 salary cap, so at the time they made a reasonable decision.

And I definitely see some of the teams like the chiefs, eagles and bucs making a leap forward. With that much $ to spend, even if you are wrong on 50% of your FA signings you should still improve a lot. 3 of the 10 teams with most to spend were playoff teams and bucs were pretty good. So there should definitely be some parity re-alignment with this new CBA.

$613.2mm is a huge number for about 460 unrestriced FAs and it is really the lower 2/3 of the teams (in payroll) who have the room to be aggressive (and i count only 13 effective franchise tags), maybe the top 50-75 FAs are  looking at a pool of $300-350mm which they will get to divide. this is not the year for your team to be at or over the salary cap. Again some of these numbers look f*cked up b/c i thought raiders were the highest payroll last year, but these are the best numbers i have found. Here is the link to these numbers and the article by Pat Yasinkas if you want it.


Team projected 2011 cap cash needed to spend
Tampa Bay  $59.7 $59.5
Carolina  $73.0 $46.2
Kansas City  $74.7 $44.5
Jacksonville  $78.1 $41.1
Philadelphia  $80.8 $38.4
Seattle  $81.1 $38.1
Arizona $83.0 $36.2
Oakland  $85.8 $33.4
San Diego  $85.8 $33.4
Cincinnati  $90.7 $28.5
Buffalo  $96.4 $22.8
Cleveland $99.2 $20.0
San Francisco  $100.9 $18.3
Baltimore $101.3 $17.9
Atlanta $102.1 $17.1
New England  $102.3 $16.9
St. Louis $102.4 $16.8
Miami  $103.1 $16.1
Chicago  $104.9 $14.3
New Orleans  $105.2 $14.0
Tennessee  $107.4 $11.8
Minnesota  $108.4 $10.8
Detroit  $113.8 $5.4
Washington  $115.2 $4.0
Indianapolis  $115.5 $3.7
Pittsburgh  $116.0 $3.2
Houston  $118.4 $0.8
Denver $125.0 ($5.8)
New York Giants  $126.3 ($7.1)
New York Jets  $128.5 ($9.3)
Green Bay  $129.8 ($10.6)
Dallas  $136.6 ($17.4)
Totals $3,251.4 *$613.2

* bottom 5 teams are going to have to cut payroll by $50.2 million

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