32 Teams in 32 Days - Day One - The Arizona Cardinals

Over the next 32 days, I will be previewing all 32 teams in the NFL, recapping their draft briefly, and assessing their Free Agent signings. Our Pittsburgh Steelers will be the last team I do. After this post, I will be posting them on and I will only keep posting them on here if you guys like them.

The Arizona Cardinals have had a very interesting off-season so far. After struggling mightly last year with terrible QB play, the Cardinals acquired Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd round draft pick. On top of that, they gave Kolb a five year $63 million deal. Yes you heard that right. He will make more than star CB Nnamdi Asomagua. I think that trade will ultimately be what gets Whizenhut fired. Kolb has just seven career starts and is not a franchise QB in my opinion. Dealing DRC means they have a lot of confidence in Patrick Peterson, the 5th pick on the 2011 NFL Draft. 

Free Agent Signings

They are probably not done in Free Agency, but I feel like they definitely got better. How much better? That is another story. Adding Kolb will add anywhere from one to five wins depending on just how good he is. Losing DRC for Peterson will decrease their wins this year by one to two. I would say the rest of the FA signings are kind of a wash. They added some depth and a couple starters in Bradley and Colledge. 

Season Preview

I think the Cardinals will be better this year. They get six games vs. the rest of the NFC West, one vs. the Browns and one vs. the Bengals. They should win at least five and up to seven of those eight games. I think the ceiling on this team is ten wins which will easily take the NFC West. The floor, I would put at five wins. Ultimately, as of know, I feel they will battle the Rams for the NFC West title, and I think it takes nine wins to win the West. 

Players I expect to thrive 

  • RB Ryan Williams - I think he will have a great season, averaging about 4.5 YPC and getting about 20 touches a game. 
  • OLB Sam Acho - The kid is a great pass rusher and will contribute with about 5 to 7 sacks. 
  • WR Larry Fitzgerald - Larry will have a 2009 Larry season with a decent QB in Kolb. I am predicting 1275 yards and 13 TDs for Larry Fitz. 

Fantasy Players to Watch

  • Kevin Kolb - While I am not to high on Kolb, if you can attain him in rounds 8 to 10 of a 12 man league, get him as your backup. He is durable and could be a steal that you could trade mid-season or use for a spot start. 
  • Larry Fitzgerald - I would spend a late first to early second round pick on him. I think he will be 1st or 2nd in fantasy points for WRs this year

Final Word

  • Don't expect the Cardinals to return to the Super Bowl this year but a playoff birth is definitely possible. However, a lot has to go right, including Kolb living up to the hype for this to happen. They could just as easily be picking in the top five again as they could be making the playoffs. 

St. Louis Rams will be out tomorrow (7/31) and the Seahawks (8/1) and other NFC West team that I can't think of (8/2) will follow and then we will move to the NFC South. 

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