fantasy's not a league,,its an o-line

   i had a fantasy last season about a fantasy this season,,,,,,,a fantasy about the o-line being great..


                           MAX         KEMO the KICKER         POUCEY      WILLIE  THE SHORT    DA HOTEL

                                                        (foster, legursky,   draft 7                                                     draft 2))

it started with the fantasy that  3 or 4 diverse elements of our 0-line ,  were all    " power charging"   at separate rates,,, for several years,,,,,,     and  would hit a critical mass at the the same time,,,,,,,this year,,,,,, and explode into a dominance that would make  fans wonder,,,"where did that come from?"

max would be back, healthy,,,,,and the reason the   " never over pay steelers"    overpayed him,     was that they knew  he would  be slower to improve,,,but more  constantly improving,,,  for so many years  that he'd end up at least great draft pick if not all time player.

,i thought he'd reach good,,,, better than ok,,, this year,,,,,,,,and might continue for a decade.....

historically,,, some GREAT, o-linemen have their best years when other position players are already retired,,,,,jackie slater  ,anthony munoz.    ,mathews,and munchak,,,,,webster and dawson ,

 max is tall enough to grow into  2018 season tackle weight,,,,

,,no team this year would have a bigger tackle tandem than he and the hotel together.    size may not matter but fantisizing makes it  so

.flozell the hotel's aging quickness , or lack of it,,,,didn't hurt him on the right side he moved to,,,,,,and he had a contract year left,,,,and" ring envy motivation"  to his ex dallas brethern......

........and carries enough     "UN"- stamina,, to give rookie gilbert some playin' time along with tutoring.

willie colon,,,,,the short,,, run blocking tackle  could become  willie the tall, run blocking right gaurd,,,,,

kemouatu  has reached peak pro technical agressiveness that  satiates his post grad  urge to kick opponents in the head.    every o-line needs that guy.

and legursky, foster, ( and now the nebraska draftee gaurd),,,,,who may raise doubts as starters,,,,,would raise praise as back-ups............

if the nfl adage that players make the most progress ,between their rookie and second year,,,,,,POUNCY,,,,(AND  our new  " money recievers" )  will be just plain scary good.


the schedule was set perfect for us with a late open date,,,,,,,,we could let ben and co. have fun,    run up air statitics,

even take the inevitable ,law of averages loss or 2,,,, to division teams,,,,,,(are we really 8-2 better than the ratbirds? or cleveland forever) before the open date  rest.

we're a little ahead at the shedule break ,, AND then,,,,we up the ante for the run to the finish,,,,,,and while every one we play thinks stop ben,,,,,,we start are new o-line run game  effort,,,,,,,,,,

just like in the 05 playoffs   when everyone lined up to stop the bus, and ben had them down 3 scores before they said "duh"

the -O- becomes huge,,,,,,you have to outscore us to beat us,,,,,who or what do you choose to try to stop,,,,,,,the only problem will be to keep our own from fightin' over who gets the ball,,,,,,,,,,

but ,,,i don't see max or ,,,the hotel,,,,,and short willy 's at tackle,,,,,,and who're the rest of those guys.???......

some fantasy,,



DEEEE-FENSE.!!!  deeeefense.





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