What Stiller games have you been to?

Me being a 21 year old who wasn't raised in the burgh, I havent been to many Steelers games. I only went as a teenager while living in Detroit.


I thought it would be cool to see who has been to a lot of games and who hasn't, and in particular those like me with only a few games, which ones they had seen as well.


So here are the games I've seen and my short comments on them. All of them were meaningful to me in a special way and I enjoyed each one. They made my season every time. Every year I went I felt like part of that team. And that was what made it so special. I never missed watching a game those years I went. I was so much more passionate I think. And more disappointed when we lost. It's interesting the impact it's had on me.


I miss going to games a lot now that I'm in Peru. I hope to go to one next season but this year it won't be possible. Fortunately I have a good buddy who hooks me up with some Direct TV so I won't be in the dark. Havent missed a game since I moved to Peru. It's been two years solid now.

So here we go. Can't wait for yours

The first game I can recall going to was a preseason game in Detroit for the 2004 season. We had lower level corner seats from a friend. I think the Steelers lost. But I remember how excited I got because I saw Ben Roethlisberger's first NFL TD of any kind. And it looked great. His passes were crisp and I remember a late TD drive that made me think ''hey this guy can play.'' Little did I know I'd be watching that same guy dominate the NFL season like an S&M junkie. Inappropriate analogy be damned. I'll also never forget walking out of the stadium and hearing a little girl say ''Daddy I'm scared'' due to the surroundings of Fallout3-esque Detroit. My father said ''you should be'' and we nervously returned to our cars.


The next year, I got to see another special game. A game unique unlike any other. I watched Jerome Bettis's last home game of his career. I sat way upper deck at Heinz. But I saw the Bus's 3 TDs clear as day, and I chanted along with the crowd as we shouted ''One More Year'' to him. A special game to be sure, but even moreso in that it locked the 6 seed for us in the playoffs. Knowing that this victory catapulted us into the playoffs meant that winning it at home had an even greater mystical feel to it. You could feel the story blooming and the hope filling the hearts of the thousands in attendance, and in the city itself. Witnessing that playoff run was even more amazing after going to that Week 17 game.


In 2006, a down year for the Steelers in many ways, I still managed to attend one fun and interesting game. Same way upstairs seats. The Steelers week 5 rout of the Chiefs was an astounding 42-7 whooping of ass in the style of our patented Cleveland Ass Whooping, usually reserved for the Browns. The Cleveland Ass Whooping or CAW is the hardest kind of ass whooping in football. It's the waterboarding of the NFL. Its the Tsar Bomba of bitch slaps. It's the Fudging Catalina Wine Mixer.  Watching the Steelers put on a clinic was fun even though it wasn't much of a season, I caught one of the best games to go to.


In January 2009 I got to see one of my favorite games ever and the best one I've ever seen in person. My dad decided to splurge and we bought front row seats on the 15 yard line. It was unreal. For actually seeing the game, it's only good on one part of the field. And an upper level front row or club level is probably more practical. But the FEEL of the game is another thing when you go to the front row. All the sound envelopes you. All the noise is amplified. You're practically on the field. You hear the grunts, the breaths, the collisions, the taunts, the shouts, the headbutts, every little thing. Its almost a sensory overload. It's like you took all the ESPN cameras and wired them into your head at once. Getting every sound together makes for a wild experience.


And it helped that we played the Whale's Vagina Chargers. A tense first half had the crowd suffering and cold from the 14 degree snowstorm. Finally Bluntonio's epic punt return sparked a stadium and the Steelers. From then on we pretty much dominated the team that had beaten the Colts in OT the week before. In particular, Willie Parker's big day stood out because I was his first fan outside of friends and family and I had his Jersey on well before anybody else. One of his sëveral long runs ran right by me and he gave a wave just mere feet from our fence.


Also a great Hines Ward catch went right by us where he was talking smack to the DB when he got pushed out of bounds. My personal favorite though was the Harrison Woodley (I think it was them two) sack of Rivers. They sandwiched him and it happened right in front of me. I literally heard the air go out of Rivers he got hit so hard. You could feel it from your seat. Like popping open a pickle jar.


Seeing that epic 3rd quarter where we had the ball all but 6 seconds was a hell of a great way to stay warm in the second half. And we had a good finish and the fans were happy. We'd win another SB trophy, our latest. That one just like 2005's was sweet with the spoils of attending the Stillers.


So tell us some of your experiences!

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