32 Days in 32 Days - Day Five - The Philadelphia Eagles

This post is likely to start up quite the conversation and debate because my opinion of the Eagles is going to be quite different then most. This quote is from a recent excellent article by one of BTSC's finest writers. 

In contrast imagine the explosively talented Eagles defense. The highest paid player has never played a down for the team. All together you will have 4 new defensive starters: Jason Babin, Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and Cullen Jenkins - all four were starters on different teams. Now they come to an Eagles team whose defensive star from last year, Asante Samuel, may be out of a starting job, and has been rumored to be on the trading block and whose defensive captains from the past two years, Quntin Mitchell and Stewart Bradley are both gone. Who steps up in that locker room? How much do the guys watch each other's backs? How much do they trust each other? How well do they communicate? How intuitive is their sense of what each will be doing during any given play? How well do the guys share in the responsibility of winning and losing? Who mentors the younger players? How cohesive is that unit?

Free Agent Signings


  • Eagles sign OT Ryan Harris
  • Eagles sign RB Ronnie Brown
  • Eagles sign S Jarrad Page
  • Bengals sign G Max Jean-Gilles
  • Colts sign OLB Ernie Sims
  • Broncos acquire DT Brodrick Bunkley from Eagles for 2013 late-round pick
  • Eagles sign G Evan Mathis
  • Eagles sign DT Cullen Jenkins
  • Eagles re-sign OLB Akeem Jordan
  • Eagles cut RB Noel Devine
  • Eagles sign CB Nnamdi Asomugha
  • Eagles sign TE Donald Lee
  • Eagles sign WR/KR Johnnie Lee Higgins
  • Cardinals sign ILB Stewart Bradley
  • Panthers sign ILB Omar Gaither
  • Eagles sign QB Vince Young
  • Cardinals acquire QB Kevin Kolb from Eagles for CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and 2nd-round pick
  • Eagles sign DE Jason Babin
  • 49ers sign K David Akers
  • Eagles cut FB Leonard Weaver
  • Redskins sign P Sav Rocca
  • Eagles sign RB Derrick Locke
  • Rams sign S Quintin Mikell
  • Eagles sign WR DeAndre Brown
  • Eagles sign DT Cedric Thornton
  • Eagles tender RB Eldra Buckley
  • Eagles sign OLB Rashad Jeanty
  • Eagles franchise QB Eagles No. 7
  • Eagles transition tag K David Akers
  • Eagles sign DE Phillip Hunt
  • Eagles DT Mike Patterson set to become free agent 

    No doubt they made some huge signings here. Nnamdi is Nnamdi and he can lock up your number one corner. Dominique Rodgers Cromartie is a very good but not great CB. Jason Babin is a good DE but he has only had one good season, which does not discount it but he could just as easily revert to his average seasons as he could repeat his good season. Vince Young should be a good backup QB. Cullen Jenkins is a good DT but like Babin, he only had one good season. I think there best signings came yesterday with the acquisitions of Ronnie Brown, Jarrad Page, and Ryan Harris. They used their remaining money on three under-rated starting quality players. Brown will be a great compliment to McCoy and can be used in the wildcat. Page will compete for the open safety spot that Quintin Mikell left behind. Harris, who like Willie Colon, is a very good, very under-rated RT that struggled early in his year, then dominated one year, but has dealt with some injuries. If that signing pays off, they solidified Vick's blindside. 

    Season Preview

    I think the Eagles will struggle early due to a lack of cohesion and practice together. However, by week 6 or 7 they will start to hit their stride and maybe pull of a 6 to 7 game winning streak. However, I don't think they will win the Super Bowl this year or even get there. I think they win 10 to 12 games, win the NFC East, and make a little run in the playoffs before losing to the Saints or Packers

    Players I Expect to Thrive


    • Lesean McCoy: I think McCoy will have a big season this year. Like 1500 total yards and 13 total TDs
    • Jason Babin: I think, despite concerns I stated earlier, Babin will have a great year and put up maybe six to eight sacks.
    • Nnamdi, DRC, and Samuels: I think if they keep this unit together, they will be dominate. However, I think they are going to trade Samuels and then lack a nickel corner. It does not matter how good your first two corners are, without a good nickel and without good LBs, teams will just expose them. 

    Fantasy Players to Watch


    • Michael Vick: I don't think there is any chance Vick is as effective as he was last year and their is a chance he is a big bust. However, in the first round, he could win your season for you or lose it for you. 
    • Lesean McCoy: See above. I would spend a late 2nd to 4th round pick on him. 
    • Desean Jackson: Depends on how long this holdout goes. However, even if Vick struggles a little, Desean will still be Desean.
    • Jeremy Maclin: Maclin is a cheaper alternative to Jackson and could be had between rounds 6 and 11 depending on the league. I would take him anywhere between 8 and 11 as a 3rd WR/Flex. 
    Final Word I am not confident that the Eagles will be the dominate team everybody thinks. However, they will win double digit games and they will make the playoffs but I don't think a Super Bowl is in their future. Super Bowls take continuity, team chemistry, and cohesion, which can't be bought. That takes years of playing together. This team does not have that. 


    Giants will be out tomorrow, then the Cowgirls, then the Redskins

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