Roster locks

Here's where I'm at with the roster as far as position breakdowns and guys that are all locks to make the roster:
I've inserted place holders for positions that are up for grabs (OG4 means the 4th guard on the team)


OL,9,Scott,Kemo,Pouncey,Legursky,Colon,Hills,Gilbert,Essex, OG4


Couple notes: 

  • Either Hills or Legursky is starting guard.  Combined with Essex, I think those guys make up the starting RG and the 2 gameday active guys.
  • I think Hoke is safe for the moment.  They have McClendon and Corbin Bryant looking good but no place on the roster.  Probably one of the two can make it to the PS.
  • I think Will Allen's spot may be up for grabs by a CB with some position flexibility.  Probably Will Gay.
  • Any chance they cut bait on the third TE and carry an extra OT?  I doubt it but an interesting thought.
  • If Harrison is not looking good would they carry 10 LB and only 9 DB?  Depth at OLB is there in name only.  Need to develop a backup.  Worilds is not up to speed at last check.
  • Sylvester is a lock.  He's a playmaker and if Timmons needs to move outside, we'll need the extra backup inside.

Roster Battles:

TE3: Saunders/Gilmore/McCoy

Hoping Saunders is showing enough.  Kid has the tools to be the complete package.  I think Gilmore might be the safe bet.  McCoy is another H-back sized guy -- do we need 2 of those?

OG4: Foster/Williams/C.Scott

Nobody pulling ahead of the pack.  Either Williams or C.Scott is my guess.  Heard a good amount about Williams in camp, nothing on gameday notes yet.

OLB4: Carter / Atkins

Atkins has a year of experience and is ahead on depth chart.  Carter may have a higher ceiling. 

DB4: W. Allen / C. allen / D. Warren

Last spot on DB Roster.  C. Allen has the highest top-side.  Warren might be the best to contribute this year but might make it to the PS.

P; Kapinos / Sepulveda

Reliability or Performance?  Toyota or Ferrari?  Might go with Kapinos here.


Trade Bait:

We'll have to cut some guys who will be on 53 man rosters somewhere this year.  maybe we can trade these to improve draft stock or get a better OG4 or TE3 guy for our roster.


DE:  Corbin Bryant - Rookie out of Northwestern.  Might make it to the PS.

DT:  Steve McLendon – looking good in preseason.  Not sure on Ps eligibility.

LB: Morty Ivy:  looking great this year but the LB corps is packed.

P:  Sepulveda or Kapinos



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