What The Hell Was That?


Don’t get me wrong I will always love the Steelers but honest to god, WTF. This pathetic excuse for a football game by the Steelers only means one thing.  They have no choice but to address key issues as I can only hope and pray they will.  Here are some issues that should be addressed, asked of themselves and discussed among players and staff. 

1.       Just so you know every team that the Steelers play this year will prepare by reviewing the tape of this game as well as the SB game too.

2.       What defensive play call has no coverage for Rice out of the backfield? Please re-think that defensive coverage strategy.

3.       Also, why can’t we figure out plays for our offense in which the TE slants across the middle uncovered?  The Ravens figured it out why can't we?

4.       How is it that the Ravens pick rookies that start and are able to man-handle our players, while our rookies aren’t even playing?

5.       The Steelers’ number 1 draft pick the last 2 years were DE’s.  Why aren’t we hearing how great our defensive line is instead of how old they are?

6.       Tell me if I’m wrong, but it appeared that the Raven’s offensive plays went in the opposite direction of where Polamalu was when approaching the line of scrimmage. I wonder if the Raven’s strategy was to change the play at the last second depending on where Polamalu was. Whatever it was, it worked.

7.       The Steelers cannot expect that ad hoc plays are going to get those wins every game.

8.       In the time it takes for a Raven defensive lineman to raise his hands to bat down a ball, why can’t our offensive lineman knock them on their ass?

9.       Someone needs to tell the Steelers that they can only trash talk when they are kicking ass not when they play like a bunch of girl scouts. That's called whining.

10.   I am concerned that the better teams have figured out our schemes. The worse teams have it figured out but can’t do much about it.

11.   The glaring difference between the Steelers and the Ravens was that the Ravens wanted to win. They played hard to the very end. The Steelers looked like it was still pre-season.

12.   I could have sworn that the Ravens defense had 13 or sometimes 14 people on the field. Or did it just seem like it. Please let me know. I didn’t see any flags.

13.   I am not sure how the Steelers were preparing for this game. But I am sure about one thing; it wasn’t good enough. I think they should start with intensity.

I really hope that the Steelers are embarrassed enough about their level of play to turn it around. I have a headache now so I'm going to bed early. Good night.


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