Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 2: "Chicken of the Sea" Edition

 Well boys and girls, I know I can speak for our HDM faithful when I say that even though we lost to the Ravens on "jaw gaping" craziness, I tip my hat to them in their win (I’m looking at you Malor…lol.) when I say this. For which a rivalry isn’t a rivalry w/o knowing when to be grateful when you win, and humble when you lose. Now that I’m off the "soap box" This week’s HDM is brought to you by myself (DJ-Dub-Sleazy), and the infamous Czar of Mad Dog 20/20 selections Arn. This week’s breakdown is about the Seattle Seahawks and how to overcome what went wrong in last week’s loss (and of course the eye candy d’oh!). As well as the HDM celebrity writer(s) of the week: PCIsteeler, and Mr. MaLoR (Different viewpoint).  They are on the chopping block, give them a hand!!! Once again I would like to thank Mr. Bean for giving us the opportunity to have this poast trudging along for its 2nd season and the BTSC faithful followers in which we have all the love in the world for…enjoy!

How about those predictions from the Ravens game?

Webslasher81: Not even close, I predicted that it would be a tight game 13-10 Steelers win. Thanks to 7 turnovers I was sorely mistaken…It makes me a little sick even writing about this right now.

PixburghArn:  Don't even ask.  Oh wait you did.  Next question…

PCISteeler: I predicted a defensive game. 1 defense showed up and it wasnt ours.

Mr MaLoR: My prediction was actually only off by a total of 6 points. All throughout the week prior to Sunday, I was telling people Baltimore would win 38-10. Not sure why I was expecting a blowout, but my hunch was obviously correct "My other ball finally dropped.".

 How did you’re predicted standouts for The Ravens game do?

Webslasher81: I predicted that Wallace on offense and Woodley on defense would shine…yeah well, (sigh) Wallace had a mediocre day and so did Woodley. Why am I so aggravated writing right now…maybe because everybody in my work space has talked smack to me up until this point.

PixburghArn: I said Hines Ward.  He did "some things" but hey I give it to you. I think Wallace was a standout on offense.  I said Timmons on defense. Though Ike was the true standout, Timmons had a few more ups than downs in my opinion. 

PCIsteeler:  My standouts were Wallace and Ward with 1 TD catch each. Troy was going to be my defensive star.  Our team played uninspired so it’s hard to tell who the standout in the game was. I'll give to Sanders for the TD reception.

Mr MaLoR: Flacco, Leach and Suggs all lived up to how I believed they would perform. Joe was perfect, could not have asked for more. Leach was everything I expected, it was nice to see some of your players curl up into a ball instead of taking on his blocks. And Suggs, don't even need to explain him. He is the best OLB in this division now and Sunday proved that. As Suggs stated, "Ben's sweet buttocks is his."

How about the predictions from the Seahawks game?

Webslasher81: 2 words: "Blow out"…Steelers 28 – Seagullz 3.

PixburghArn:  I predict a close game. Steelers 35 - Seahawks 24.  Ha ha, yeah...That’s close.

PCIsteeler: I believe this game will be entertaining. I dont want to take away anything from the Seahawks. They are professional football players, and anything can happen any given sunday. But the Steelers are obviously the more experienced team, and I hate it for them that they have to play us the week after the Ravens. Steelers 42- Seahawks 17

Mr MaLoR: This will be the "This game the Steelers won't get beat like I beat meat after Sunday's game."  revenge game. Steelers 31 - Seamonkeys 6. Just don't run up the score and be classless like the Ravens, being up 22 points with nearly 30 minutes left to play is enough room to start kneeling the ball like Baltimore should have on Sunday.

Who is going to be the predicted standouts for The Seahawks game?

Webslasher81: I’m going with Mike Tomlin, putting a fire underneath the Steelers asses to come out and destroy every player they see not wearing Black and Gold.  I’m picking him for both offense and defense.

PixburghArn:  My standout is going to be Troy.  I think he refocuses and comes out with a big game.  On offense I think Mendenhall gets his. 

PCIsteeler: Since Slasher said Mike Tomlin I will go with Coach Dad. I wouldnt want to be in the film room this week with him, actually I would. The defense will NOT underpreform again this year. I would like to see our air assault get off the ground this week too.

Mr MaLoR: Wallace will shred their secondary for 163 yards. Mendenhall has 125 yards and 2 TD's (have him on 2 of 5 fantasy teams because Ravens fans refuse to take him before the first 10 picks) and Timmons shows why I believe he is the 2nd best, but "honestly the best ILB"  in the game.  

 What concerns do you have this week?

Webslasher81: B-Mac and Gay are (fill in the blank)…Mr. Rooney please inform Mr. Tomlin not to start either of them, get the rookies and K. Lewis some face time. Since the injury to Colon, (which already makes a dismal o-line even worse…) I expect a little bit of the same with "gelling" issues that plagued the o-line last week in Baltimore.  My other concern is Ben, Ben…please don’t force anymore throw’s or get rushed to do something drastic, take a sack… or throw the dang ball away.

PixburghArn:  Well first of all, I want to remind you that my concerns fromlast week were legitimate: Turnovers and line play.  This week my concernsare letting the Seahawks stay in the game.  We need to make them onedimensional quickly.  

PCIsteelerI will be beating a dead horse if I say Willie Gay, so for worldtrip's sake I won't. My concern is our linebacking corps. Can they hold up in this heat. I am not a big fan of replacing Farrior with Foote. I want to see more of Sylvester, Carter and Worilds. 

Mr MaLoR:  I have 2 concerns one is: That you get back to Steelers football and overtake us making us have to beat you twice in your stadium to get to the Super Bowl.And the other concern…the real truth, is:"I didn't have any standouts predicted because I was scared."


Cheerleader of the week:

Webslasher81:  At least one bright spot of my week so far…meet Amanda she looks like a feisty Seahawk cheerleader I would like to meet…


seattle-seahawks-cheerleader-Amanda-sitting (via bustingloads6969)



PixburghArn:  (I am speaking for Arn…) I couldn’t find the pic you wanted Arnie sorry my man (spam filing sucks!) so I got you Quads…


IMG_2779.JPG (via neilparekh)




PCIsteeler: Miami Heat Squad…yummy!

5081966939_53ebfeef37_medium Mr MaLoR: How can I not go with the trio of Sammi Jo, Shamea and Heather? Arn's sister looks pretty good in the middle. 

CSKA Moscow vs Miami Heat #0116 (via __Dori__)



Ravens-trio_medium  International Hostess of the week:





Webslasher81: Ok so since I didn’t go far enough down the Equator and that Arnie gave me crap for…lol. I present to you this Aussie Hottie, for which I don’t know her name but she sure is yummy looking…



6 (via brightstarshine911)



PixburghArn:  Leila Lopes Miss Angola/Miss Universe…yum!



Leila Lopes (Angola) Miss Universe (via Marcos Octavio Medalla ( Duy Tân ))



PCIsteeler: I’m staying with homegrown this week… Minka Kelly for the win!!!

5739442281_1de7fdb7ef_medium Mr MaLoR: Introducing Doutzen Kous, this beauty from the Netherlands. She has such a nice.....personality.

American actress Minka Kelly Hot Photos (via worldcutegirl)



Doutzen_kroes_15_medium Well my friends this wraps up another crazy HDM, tune in next week when we have yet another celebrity standout that helps myself and Arnie with eye candy and the breakdown of the regular season week: 3, when we take on the Indy Colts Sunday night @ Lucas Oil Field…



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