3 under the radar players from the Seacocks game.

I decided to make a short poast about some of our players who I thought played really well yesterday given the circumstances. We needed a big day across the board, and really every player delivered. However this is not the top 3, but rather 3 that I felt maybe slid under the radar. I love these guys and they rock, and it felt so good to watch the Seacocks suck and become stanky before our very eyes.


Dude #1: Aaron Smith...


Last week there were comments saying things like ''Tomlin, it's time to tell somebody when they need to hang it up'' or ''Aaron MUST be pulled in favor of Heyward/Hood'' or "Aaron is too old and often injured''


Aaron Smith opened up a can of whoop-ass yesterday and told you guys to cram it up your cram holes. Of course, if you look at the sheet of stats you will find absolutely nothing next to Smith's name. But stats don't always tell the story do they?


Early in the game, Smith was a monster. I counted 3 times he collapsed the pocket in simple 3-4 man rushes, he chased Ms. Jackson around on one play (Jackson got the pass off) and closed seams in the run game ALL day. I couldn't believe it was him at first. I too had lost some of the faith. But Reverend Smith preached the truth and showed us all just why he was worth keeping on the roster for basically all of last season, the dude is THAT good.


Kudos to Aaron Smith for hating the Seahawks like he was supposed to.


Seriously folks, Hate is where the heart is. Last week, NOBODY looked angry. Nobody seemed to try and hate the Ravens. And they beat us for it. This week, everybody looked about as pissed as The Punisher after his whole family was murdered. Result: Shutout. Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate!


Dude #2: Hines Ward

Once again here's a guy who maybe doesn't jump out on the stat sheet. Heck, the entire ''Young Money'' crew did better. But still, Ward shows why he's a wily crafty veteran capable of making plays where you least expect it.

The catch from Antwaan Randle Sanders was great, and that play had every reason to fail. But when you saw his catch on the left sideline, did you really think that was Ward? I mean it's like our receivers are in a competition to one-up eachother with ridiculous sideline catches. Holmes in the SB, Wallace against Green Bay, now this one. Of course Ward used his ancient Chinese secrets and his ninja training to become so awesome.

But that wasn't all he did on a day where he brought the heat. His block on FS Earl Thomas basically kept Redman from getting tackled (not that he would have been...) and allowed him to soar 20 yards for a TD. Ward was blocking on a few other runs, and it just amazes me that a guy who is in his 30's at the WR position is blocking dudes left and right.


Dude #3: Ike Taylor

You didn't hear Ike's name mentioned ONCE in that broadcast. Except for the Seacocks last play. Where of course Ike had his usual perfect coverage. He didn't mess up once yesterday and he once again sets the bar for perfection as a DB. Shut out Lee Evans last week and Silenced whoever the hell his competition was yesterday. Shows you why he was worth the money, pay the man and continue to lock down one side of the field and turn it into a barren wasteland where footballs shan't be thrown. I like Ike. Nuff said.


Did anybody else's silent performance catch your attention?

In contention were guys like Gilbert, Foster, Miller, Moore, Gay, Clark. However I felt these were the best three that didn't totally wow us like Ben and Wallace.

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