50 Sense

All week long all I heard from all of the prognosticators and talking heads on TV was that the Ravens are perhaps the most balanced team in the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers are old and slow.

You are never as bad as when you are at your worst. You are never as good as when you are at your best. So end the lesson. The Ravens ARE pretty balanced. They have a good offense. They have a good defense. And they are 1-1. Just like the Steelers.

The Steelers were down 92-10 to start the 1989 season and went on one of the most thrilling rides in Steelers history that didn't end in a Lombardi Parade down Grant Street in dahn tahn Pittsburgh. "Beware the Chiefs" I guess?

It's a long season Nation so strap your selves in. Every Sunday is a trip to the dentist. Hold on to the arm rests tight and ask for more Novocaine if you need it.


Some other thoughts on the 24-0 thrashing yesterday. Add yours please!

* Marcus Gilbert didn't get much air time against inferior competition. That is a good sign. I noticed Ramon Foster hitting some people. While I love Legursky I think he is too small.The Ravens showed that.

* Tomlin needed to get Ben out of the game in the 4th quarter. I know Ben is John Wayne but at some point someone has to be the adult in the huddle.

* There better be a hefty fine laid out on the low shot to Ben's knee's in that game. There was another late low hit later where Ben lobbied for the flag from his belly but to no avail. Ben gets less respect than Brady/Manning/Brees/Any other QB in the league.

* Legursky completely whiffed on the goal line run where Mendenhall got stuffed. I think it's cute having him line up back there but he needs to hit somebody from the full back spot. Perhaps the Seahawk that penetrated and broke up the play instead of the LB 3 yards deep in the end zone? He did OK last year there but I'm watching him.

* Speaking of the goal line BA is always consistent in his lack of a cohesive game plan and offensive philosophy. The second down sack was horrid. Then insert a FB (Legursky) to block an LB 3 yards deep in the EZ? It's a TD by then BA.

* Not to pick on our budding young OC but it seems like we are a 20 years into the Arians Offense and still there is no rhyme or reason? I get tired of bagging on the guy but Peyton, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Rivers all have PHDs in their offensive strategies. Their players play the offense like an Orchestra. The Steelers offense is at its best when the play breaks down and Ben improvises.Look out for the Tuba player!!

* Ike Taylor is worth every penny the Rooney's paid. He is on a short list for greatest Steeler DBs I ever saw play. From '72 I count Mel Blount, Rod Woodson...Ike Taylor. Who am I missing?

* Sean Suisham will lose games for the Steelers in 2011. While I had no issue getting rid of Skippy and understood that the FO was left with slim pickings at mid season I think it should have been a priority to bring in a kicker who could consistently make a FG from over 40 yards.

* I liked Curtis Brown around the ball on special teams. They need to get him some PT with the defense. Willie Gay needs to be pushed. B Mac too. As I've been saying since 2002 (Thanks for the lesson Rich Gannon) spread out the Steelers and you can beat their D.

* The way to beat teams that spread out the Steeler D and quick strike them (Brady etc) is to run the ball and possess the clock. Keep the other O off the field and out of a groove. Wear down the other teams defense and score TDs. Ben is good on 3rd down. Ben can "hurry up" if we need points. He's good at it. When you run the ball good things happen. So end the lesson.

* Indianapolis will be root canal as usual. Hold onto your seats. Steelers 3 Colts 2.

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