Keeping Up With the Steelers One Tweet at a Time

A daily glance at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Twitter and what exactly is going on in their minds and on their schedule…

@RMundy29 - No. Appreciate U!  RT @1_Franko_1: @RMundy29 Thanks for being at the Heroes at Heinz Field tonight brother! Much appreciation for your time…

@jharrison9292 - My gift from the vets. The  other side …  Harrison showing off his gift from the aforementioned Heroes at Heinz Field event.

@jharrison9292 - Giving away this signed jersey on TWITTER tonight between 8-9pm EST. To win, you have to befollowing me...

@jharrison9292 - Show my dude @RustyBenson35 some love and follow him and his long hair. Lol…  Harrison showing some love for New England Patriot safety Ross Ventrone.

@WillallenWAF  - "I'm honored to be on the cover of C Magazine. Thanks everyone…  Steelers Humble brag of the day!

@WillAllenWAF - New Website: !! Everyone who donates $10 or more gets signedautograph card

@RealRClark25 - "@ShawnaMommy: I just want to hug every single player & say thank you for playing for my favorite team : )" we thank u 4 ur support…   One reason why Steelers fans are some the best in the NFL.

@RealRClark25  - Along w going to China to play basketball I will be moving my school from the Big East. Hey everyone else is doing it! Don't judge me…  Pittsburgh’s "Superstar Twitterer" chimes in on the conference realignment chaos and NBA lockout.

@RealRClark25 - So in the ice tubs now getting myself together! I have to do a milk add today! Hope my milk mustache adds to my swag! Lol  link for photo

@RealRClark25 - "@Peelahra: @RealRClark25 I want to see it to. Do you follow MLB? Whos ur team?" the New York Yankees…  This is what I think of his favorite baseball team!

@Wes_Saunders88 - A yr ago 2day I was mourning the loss of a friend/teammate & dealing w/ being kicked off the team. I'm still mourning, but Im back to ballin…  A reference to former  Gamecock teammate Kenny McKinley, and Bronco WR, who commited suicide one year ago today:

RT @Scfan04 @Wes_Saunders88 - Thanks for f---ing over our University and bringing the NCAA to town. SMH --yea, cuz its all my fault. Smh…  "Passionate" South Carolina fan lets Saunders know he feels about his time at the University.

@Wes_Saunders88 - this is The Beast, for my followers who asked lol…  I don’t think Saunders has ever seen Big Fan.  Here’s to hoping he doesn’t fumble late in a game!

@Wes_Saunders88 - The road getting here wasn't easy. But thank God I'm here...  Article by @MarkKaboly_Tribfrom "The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review"

@Wes_Saunders88 - RT @HuffPostSports @iamthaking25 & @wes_saunders88 Are in the running for HuffPost Athlete Tweet Of The Week! Vote here

@RamonFoster - U need a follow back too? Lol RT @KCornelius7: Is @RamonFoster following fans?! I'm so jealous......... :)

@Legursky (Doug Legursky-center) - Can i get a HOTTUB!!!!!...  A reference to everyone’s favorite State Farm commercial.  I would prefer the "girl from 4-E", but that’s just me.

@Legursky - My hype song for the day. Soundgarden-Spoonman…  An insane Spoonman cover by Greensboro, NC’s  The Mantras

@Legursky - Come see me at Day Apollo Subaru in Moon Township tonight at 6! Bring your #steelersnation gear…

@williamgay22 - I got two tickets that i will give away later this week....stay tune in to my tweets for ur chance to win them…  Probably a good idea to follow Gay this week if you want to go see the Steelers play the Colts Sunday Night.

@AntonioBrown84 - A little preview from my interview @ Steelers Kidzone

@SSylvester55 - Come join for dinner…   Gotta love Taco Tuesdays

@MGilbert76 - A little Jimmy Buffett in the morning is REAL nice…  I agree!


Til next time...

Bryan Nichols doesn’t always blog, but when he does …  

Bryan is TPFBlog's featured NCAA basketball writer and team blogger for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Visit us on Twitter orFacebook. Email him at

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