Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 3: "Moanie Pony" Edition


Hello once again boys and girls from the Dungeon of the NFL offices (reference to Roger Goodell putting myself and Arn here lol j/k.). Arn is currently out of office/town, and I have had WV fill in for him in his absence (for which I know he has done awesome before on the Ravens write-up so I had him come back for more.). This week we cover the "Ponies" and bring to our HDM faithful lovelier eye candy. Our celebrity writer of the week is known to many as Johnny_S but since I joined I have dubbed him Johnny "Ringo". Give him a hand!!! Now let’s get to the HUMP!

How about those predictions from the Seahawks game?


Webslasher81: As I stated I said it would be a blow out 28 - 3 Steelers, and

the Steelers didn't disappoint me, 24 - 0, I will take that score any day of

the week.


Johnny_S: My guess was 24-16.  I got out score write, but I was way off on

their score.  Please don't tell Deebo.  I like my life.  I like living.


WVPiratesfan: I did not give our defense enough credit. I was thinking it was going to be 35-3, and then they went and pitched a shutout.


How did you're predicted standouts for the Seahawks game do?


Webslasher81: I predicted that Mike Tomlin would gear our boys up to take

down the opposition, and I believe his tactics haven't deterred from my



Johnny_S: I didn't predict any.  I would have gone with Wallace though.  Kid

is a beast and I don't see him letting up any time soon.  Teams are so

worried about him getting behind the defense that he is eating them up on

short comeback routes.  He should have been around 160+ if he had not gotten

PI'd on that one series.


WVPF: I didn't pick anyone since I wasn't involved last week. But I think if I had it would've been Ben. I don't know what it is going to take to get refs to flag defenders diving at his legs but it is getting to be absurd at this point.


How about the predictions for the Colts game?


Webslasher81: Let's see. The Colt's are Manning-less once again this week,

their offense is quite sorry. Their defense isn't much to brag about either.

The critics still won't be shut up until we beat Houston next week, I'm

going out on a limb here, Steelers: 31 - Colts: 10.


Johnny_S: Complete and utter domination.  This one could be really

embarrassing for the Colts.  Their OT situation is awful and our pass rush

will have a big day.  I'm looking at 286 Steelers.


WVPF: Peyton Manning-less colts aren't going to know what hit them. 31-6


Who is going to be the predicted standouts for the Colts game?


Webslasher81: I will say that on offense that Rush-Hard has a big day (18

touches 113 yds, and 2 td's). On defense Woodley will bring the lumber, (7

tackles, 3 TFL, and 2 sacks).


Johnny_S: Expect big days from Woodley and Harrison.  I wouldn't be shocked

if they had 2 sacks a piece.  Also, I like Wallace to have another hundo and

a TD.  Ben will be methodical and precise but not have flashy numbers.


WVPF: Standouts in this game. I can't pick just one on both sides of the ball, but I shall go with Marcus Gilbert passing his first real test against an actual DE in Robert Mathis. On the defensive side of the ball, pick someone and Kerry Collins will make them look good this week.


What concerns do you have this week?


Webslasher81: The same concerns I have every week so far, the secondary and

the o-line. These won't change unless the proper adjustments are made



Johnny_S: Their pass rush against our rookie RT.   Gilbert gave up a sack

and a pressure last week, but faces a much better rusher in Robert Mathis

this week.  Mathis is about the only player that hasn't been awful on the

Colts team, defensively.


WVPF: The refs if they refuse to call defenders lunging at Ben knee's Tomlin may be giving them an ear-full and then some when he gets a chance. On defense, it has to be Kerry Collins well being, this offense is lost with Peyton calling the plays and then add to the equation coach Dad's blitzes coming from everywhere, this could end poorly for Mr. Collins.


Cheerleader of the week:


Webslasher81: So much eye candy, so little time. This week's cheerleader

comes from the Mile High State, give her a salute meet: Whitney


Denver Bronco Cheerleader, Whitney, for Incredible Smiles (via danjahn)



Johnny_S: Apparently, this chick used to be a U of Maryland cheerleader.

Go Terps!






WVPF: Have I ever said I love WVU. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!









International Hostess of the week:


Webslasher81: Usually I go with the exotic style of countries that I have

taste’s for, and this week shouldn't be no different, I present to you

Russia's finest: Irina Shayk.


Irina S. 005 (via Trace Contour)




Johnny_S: I really need to visit Brazil.  Say hello to Isabela Soncini






WVPF: I know she is from Columbus, sue me. The very attractive and very tatted up Chelsea Vittorio


Radeo Suicide (via Liquid Science)




Well ladies and germs this wraps up another crazy, yet fun HDM edition. I hope you have all enjoyed, tune in next week to find out how Arn, myself, and the celeb pick breakdown those upstart Texans when we take them on in their house @ Reliant Stadium.

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