Offensive Tackle Wanted!

Well it is Sunday Night and like many others in Steeler Nation I have just finished watching the Steelers beat the Colts in a very sloppy performance. Before I start with the negatives I'll give some positives.


Ziggy Hood-

Against a rookie OT in Anthony Castanzo and filling in for Brett Keisel, Evander "Ziggy" Hood looked good. He was pushing Castanzo back nearly all game and to my recollection hurried the Colts QB more than nearly any other player on the defense. Hood looked ready to start though I need to mention again this was against a rookie OT. 

Cameron Heyward-

It may have not counted because an offensive holding penalty but backed up against the endzone  our first round draft pick stuffed Joseph Addai behind the line of scrimmage in a pure display of dominance. However the Colts LG held Casey Hampton and the Heyward's play was lost from the stat sheet for ever.

Mike Wallace-

Sixth consecutive 100 yard game dating back to the last 3 regular season games last year. Today he had 5 receptions for 144 yards and a TD. That's 28.8 yards a reception. We all laughed when he said he wanted to go for 2000 yards, but maybe that's possible he averaging 125.66 a game after 3 games that puts him on pace for ~2010 yards after 16 games. Its hard but he can only get better if Ben gets time. The combination of Ben to Wallace looks scary at times and Wallace is the real deal!

The Rest of the Young Money Crew-

Brown had 4 receptions for 75 yards and Sanders 2 for 21. They looked in the first quarter as dangerous as we had hoped for I can't imagine what it would be like if Ben got time.

The Negatives: 

The Running Game-

How on Earth we couldn't run the ball on an undersized Colts defense is beyond me. It started with bad play calling by Arian. He tried to go to the outside early which is this defense's strength. Maybe he thought Freeney and Mathis would be to focused on the pass I don't know. Then Legursky proved he is outmatch at guard. I like the guy he is a fan favorite but also a liability. Scott was man handled again, he had multiple penalties (could have been a couple more) and couldn't push Freeney off the line.Foster looks better than Legs in pass blocking but does have any pop off the line in his run blocking. Pouncey had his struggles that were only magnified when he tried to pass the DT off to the guard and the guard doesn't pick up the DT. Gilbert actually didn't look to horrible in the run.

The Pass Blocking-

I will start this by stating Freeney and Mathis are both multiple Pro Bowler who are great at rushing the passer and even better when their is no running game. Scott was man-handled by Freeney who was playing at like 85%, Gilbert was struggling as expected against Mathis. Legursky was destroyed by Nevis and Johnson and Kemo who is not known for his pass blocking was beat a lot as well. Pouncey did decent but well below his standards. Ben was sacked 3 times hit a lot more.

The Run Defense-

The Colts had 22 rushes for 97 yards and a TD. Not what the Steelers defensive standard are and  it looked more one sided then that . James was clearly getting better but is far off from 100%. Aaron Smith was once again high a majority of the game and the defense had no answer for the cut blocking on Hampton again. James Farrior and Aaron Smith is also starting to show their age ran out of their water from the fountain of youth.

The Pass Rush-

Yes James Harrison was not close to 100% and had a sack but he was going against a rookie LT. I'm not even going to talk about Harrison but more about Woodley. Woodley didn't reach the QB all game. Sure he has 2 sacks already this season but I am on the record saying he looks heavy and slow. I was one of those guys who said sign Timmons over Woodley but I didn't think the drop off of Woodley would happen this fast. Harrison needs to get to 100% fast.

The Injuries-

This is the main reason for the title of the article. It started this preseason when the Steelers cut both their starting OTs from last year and their main back up OT in Tony Hills. Then Willie Colon went down in the first game. Now in this game Gilbert went out with a shoulder, Legs went out with a more serious shoulder injury and Scott went down with what looked like could be a high ankle sprain. The Steelers then had to play and injured Gilbert at LT for the rest of the game because they had no other linemen dressed. Basically I expect either Starks' or Flozell's phone will be ringing tomorrow. If you can play offensive tackle or guard and  feel you are good enough to block NFL D-linemen you might want to give Kevin Colbert they need healthy bodies bad.

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