Keeping up with a rookie

As all of Steeler Nation knows Baron Batch was the Steelers seven round draft pick in the last draft out of Texas Tech. The young man continue to show he had potential that was only out shined by his character. Also as many people of Steeler Nation knows Baron Batch has a blog which I have been following since the day we drafted him. He updates the blog regularly in a well written flow of thought placed into words.

In his recent post Batch writes about his recovery process and his rookie initiation. First is the recovery.

"5 weeks have passed since my surgery and I’m feeling great. My knee is getting stronger each day and I have started doing lower body lifts like leg press. It will be about 2 more months before I can start running. I’m finally beginning to get back in a structured routine and it’s a welcomed change from my previous chaotic schedule. I’m learning a ton from the older guys and feel like I’m grasping the offense better each week that goes by."

I am not only pleased to here his recovery is right on track but I am also very excited to here that he is learning from the veterans. I might be crazy in saying this but this injury may be the best thing to happen to Baron Batch the Steeler. Assuming he comes back with the same athleticism I believe he is already favored to make the roster next year because he is learning the offense while on IR. Had it (the injury) not happened I don't know if Batch would have made the roster though it looked like he was going to.

Then on his rookie duties;

"However, I am not a huge fan of rookie duties. I guess it’s not too bad considering all the other guys went through the same thing at some point. Also when I take into consideration the stories I have heard about other rookies ‘rookie expenses’ it really makes me breathe a breath of relief.  My ‘rookie duties’ really aren’t that bad at all. They consist of buying Popeye’s Chicken for all the other running backs the Saturday before every away game, and the breakfast of their choosing the Saturday before every home game. My most recent rookie task was to provide the running back room with snacks. Today I was given a list of different items and was told to stock up.  The first thing on the list was "High powered Nerf guns (the automatic kind)." I can’t say I didn’t live out my childhood fantasy today at Target as I threw every delicious snack, variety of candy, and awesome high-powered Nerf gun in my basket."

Not only that but he also respectfully and articulately defend himself from some twitter responses stating he was irresponsibly spending his money.


"I mean I guess candy and Nerf guns is a silly way to spend money, and I’m sure some of you are like "Oh Baron doesn’t know how to spend his money wisely", Just like this financial twitter guru suggested to me after I tweeted about my Nerf gun/candy spree.
Well I guess Mr. Financial Twitter Guru could be right. Or maybe he’s not. Maybe there are worse things I could be spending my money on. Maybe I should name a few that are a tad worse than candy and high-powered Nerf guns. Hmmm….let me think. Ah! I got it.

1.) Bling- for those of you that don’t know what ‘bling’ is let me explain. Bling is expensive jewelry that doesn’t really serve a purpose besides for shouting to other people "Hey look at me! I have money! Come rob me!". Bling can come in the form of earrings, watches, chains, bracelets, and other bedazzled accessories. I do not own any bling and don’t plan on it. Unless I could get a bedazzled Canon 50mm 1.2 L lens (for my non photographer friends this would be equivalent to 50 Cents chain. To my photographer friends that don’t know who 50 Cent is. His chain is equivalent to a bedazzled Canon 50mm 1.2 L lens)

2.) Child support- I don’t think I need to go into detail about this one. I don’t have and nappy headed, ashy kneed, mini Barons running around. The only reason I bring up the ashy kneed and nappy-headed part is because that’s exactly what my future kids will be like.

3.) An Entourage- I don’t have an entourage, nor will I ever. I don’t need an entourage. I roll one deep and stay strapped with my canon (camera) and MacBook pro. I’m so hood that when Safari unexpectedly closes I don’t even report it to Apple. Snitches get stitches.

Ok I could keep going but I really don’t think I need to. I guess this was just a rant in response to Mr. Financial Twitter Guru. I sincerely hope you read this. I rarely rant in blog posts but every now and then it just comes out, and they always serve as a bit of comic relief to the seriousness on my blog."

This should have been accompanied with an applause of "Good answer, good answer" Steeler Nation we have a special Rb on IR. He is a first team All-Pro in character and has potential to make big contributions to this team  next year.

I hope you all check in to Barons blog because it is a well written glimpse into the life of a rookie on the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can also follow him on twitter but with its limited character limit the "tweet" aren't quite as insightful.

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