Reason why I loved the Colts Game: Experience

Like it was already mentioned in a post by motownsteeler, this game was not that bad of a game. Actually, I am extremely pleased with the outcome and components of the game.  Why? Because of the experience the offense gained from it. 

This offense is young, as evident that BB, 29, is the second oldest on the offense behind Ward. We just went and played a desperate, talented team whose strength is our weakness on the road in a hostile environment on primetime television. And won. It's not only the fact that we won that I'm pleased with, its the fashion. We have finally went on a drive that started on the 20 with 2 minutes remaining, soaked up the entire playclock and kicked the winning field goal with maybe 8 seconds left? Lets look at the games last year that we had potential GW drives.

Atlanta - close but time was not an issue as mendenhall scored in overtime

1st Baltimore - had a chance to kill the clock but eventually punted, lead to Baltimore scoring.

Miami - close game but our GW drive started with 5 min left and ended before the 2 min warning.

New Orleans - similar game, hostile environment, dome, primetime, turnovers, but the timeliness of the turnover here was key and we were down by 10 when the drive started with 2:30ish left on the clock either way BB throws int and gameover.

Buffalo - we allowed buffalo to kick a fg to go into overtime, no GW drive and in overtime traded possessions until we finally scored, time was never an issue in overtime.

2nd Baltimore - we did have a GW drive in the 4th quarter however, time nor yards were as much a factor as we got a key turnover with around 3 min left in the game and were able to score around the 3 min mark.

New York - we weren't on the road but had a GW drive opportunity but could not seal the deal.

Baltimore Playoff - this game was also not on the road in a hostile environment and the GW drive started with 4 min left in the game, not as much a needed sense of urgency. 

New York playoff - Another game not in hostile environment and didn't need to score on the last drive so that also helped knowing we still had our defense a 5 point lead as we were killing time.


So what i'm really saying is that I just thoroughly enjoy the fact that our offense have already gotten some 2 min drill experience on the road in a hostile primetime game where we successfully kick a GW fg. Last year we never came back or took the lead on a GW drive in the last 2 min of a game and our offense sure looked like they never did it when that time in the biggest game of the season. You can even recall our last two championship seasons where we actually had multiple attempts/experiences in that gut check moment so when the Super Bowl came we were prepared to do it again.

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