Best in the NFL today!

Hello guys, I am pretty bored so I have decided to write this post about who I think is the best player at their respective position in the NFL today. I am going to go with mostly my opinion based on what I see and which players I think are consistent in their play. I am only going to be doing defense and offense, no special teams.

Lets begin with Offense: 

QB: Tom Brady -- I have to go with the Justin Bieber look-alike/uggs wearing/golden boy/darling of the nfl/ Tom Brady because there is no other qb I want the Steelers to knock off in the playoffs than the patriots. This guy is dead accurate! I have him ranked above manning because Brady has been just as consistant as manning in the regular season and has done better than Manning in the playoffs. (3 sb wins,4 appearances=nuff said) I hate to admit it but it seem's that Brady just keeps getting better and better each year. Although they have not done as well in the playoffs recently, its not all his fault, just ask the pat's defense in 09 when they let Ray Rice of rutgers break loose. To me it's not even close who the best qb in the league is. His calm poise,leadership,pocket presence, accuracy,arm strength, and decision making, are unbelievable. 

Other possible options: Aaron Rodgers,Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger.

RB:  Adrian Peterson -- This guy has it all! Size,speed, power, vision, good hands out of backfield, and no offense to Chris Johnson, but as far as running back's go Adrian Peterson is every coaches dream. I don't care how you put it, there is no running back that comes close to what Adrian Peterson has done to this point. year in and year out you could expect him to get 1k with ease. He made the Vikings relevant and before Brett Favre came, Adrian Peterson was the man who carried the team. Chris Johnson had 1k his rookie year, although not even close to impressive as what ADAP did his rookie year, then he had a breakout year and everyone was drinking his cool aid. But to me it wasn't even close, AP had a really good year that year as well, and don't talk to me about AP's fumble issues. The man is hard to bring down and when you fight for every inch like he does, people will come and try to strip u. AP is the most consistent and is a highlight reel "all day!" lol just ask "big play" willie gay or the brownies he humiliated on his heisman type run. Not even close!

Other possible options: Maurice Jones-Drew,Steven Jackson, Michael Turner, Matt Forte, Ray Rice, and of course, the steelers own! Isaac Redman! he hasnt had many snaps but its clear that he is saving the NFL the humiliation from feeling the wrath of the powers of Sir Redzone Redman.

WR: Calvin Johnson --This 1 is really tough! How could you pick 1 guy here? There are a lot of guys that are consistent here. If you ask me, I think I have to go with Calvin Johnson here. It's really close, with other receivers, but I am just going to go with CJ. Calvin Johnson is a flat out beast! This guy is very humble which gets him points for character, he has size, he's young, and produces no matter who the quarterback may be. This is close like I said, but CJ is my choice. 

Other possible options: Larry Fitzgerald,Andre Johnson,Wes Welker, Steve Smith (panthers), Mike Wallace, Desean Jackson. 

TE: Jason Witten --This 1 is tough too. Gotta give it to Jason Witten. He's been very consistent. He can block too. Does everything. 

Other possible options: Dallas Clark, Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, Heath Miller.

Tackle: Joe Thomas --There are a lot of great tackles out there, but I have to go with Joe Thomas. This guy is as great a pass blocker as he is a run blocker. He is worth the #3 pick the Browns spent on him. 

Other possible options: Matt Light,Jake Long, Michael Roos,Ryan Clady.

Guard: Logan Mankins --Gotta go with Logan Mankins here. I think he is the best lineman the Patsies have. I find it funny that you never hear "Brady holds the ball too long" because he gets the protection that Big Ben only wishes he had. Trust me, Brady holds the ball as long if not longer than Roethlisberger a lot of times, and the only reason Big Ben gets the rep for holding the ball is cuz holding the ball for 3 seconds is too long for BB. Brady can hold on for 3-5 seconds and there will be very little pressure a lot of times. So hands down, I got to give props to Mankins. He really holds his own.

Other possible options: Jahri Evans, Chris Snee,Steve Hutchinson,Leonard Davis

Center: Nick Mangold -- Great run blocker as well as pass blocker. He has been very consistent. I think Pouncey can be here in a couple of years but 1 year doesn't qualify as consistent to me. He has done well his 1st year and made it to the pro bowl as a rookie, pretty darn impressive. But Mangold has been here for a couple of years now and deserves this title. 

Other possible options: Maurkice Pouncey, Jeff Saturday,Alex Mack, Shaun O' Hara, Matt Birk.


Now lets move on to the defense:


Safety: Troy Polamalu -- Gotta give it to the Tasmanian Devil! Why not Ed Reed? Well, Ed Reed plays centerfielder, so obviously hes going to have a lot more INT's than Troy. But Troy does everything for the Steelers defense. He could play safety, he could play linebacker, he could cover like a corner, he hits like a truck, and I would like to see Ed Reed time his blitzes as well as Polamalu. A year ago, Troy did the very same blitz against flacco 3 times, 2 he disrupted, and the last 1 he came off clean unblocked to strip sack flacco, and give the ball to Big Ben. Ed has better stats, but Polamalu has more game changing plays. 1 example is the tackle on kollins last year against the Titans. He times the leap perfectly and jumps over the line to tackle kollins for a loss. stat sheet shows 1 tackle and nothing more, but that was 1 heck of a tackle. 

Other possible options: Ed reed,Nick Collins,Adrian Wilson, Brian Dawkins.

Cornerback: Darelle Revis -- Must I say more? Best shutdown corner in the NFL today, and the best since Primetime. Don't even throw it his way. He is as good as the stats show. Last year he was dealing with injuries but his #'s speak for themselves. This guy is a flat out baller. 

Other possible options: Nnamdi Asomugha,Champ Bailey,Asante Samuels,Charles Woodson, Jonathan Joseph, Ike Taylor.

Outside Linebacker: James Harrison -- This guy is the nastiest guy in the NFL. Ask anyone to describe him in 1 word and you will get any answers from "tough" to "mean" to "beast". This 1 isn't even close to me. James Harrison is the best outside linebacker today. He gets double digit sacks, forces a whole lot of fumbles, gets held on every pass rush and still is able to get to the qb, nasty hitter, and great run stuffer, and could cover too (just ask Kurt Warner). 

Other possible options: DeMarcus Ware, Clay Matthews,Brian Orakpo, TerrellSuggs.

Inside Linebacker: Patrick Willis -- You want to talk about consistent, Patrick Willis is just that. Racks up 100 tackles every year, has sideline to sideline speed, is very durable, etc. This guy is the best linebacker today! I like Lawrence Timmons but Willis doesn't have the defensive help that LT does. Willis really is the heart and soul of the 49'ers Defense. Hands down, Willis is the best. 

Other possible options: Lawrence Timmons, Ray Lewis, James Farrior, Brian Urlacher, Jon Beason

Defensive Tackle: Casey Hampton -- Hampton has held his spot ever since he has came in to the league and no one has been a more consistent 3-4 Nose Tackle as Casey Hampton. He is still going strong at his age which says a lot. It's hard not to go with B.J Raji, but Casey Hampton is solid year in and year out. 

Other possible options: B.J. Raji, Jamal Williams, Vince Wilfork, Richard Seymour, Pat/Kevin Williams, Kyle Williams. 

Defensive End: Jared Allen -- The best at his position hands down! (imo)You can argue his success is because of the Williams wall taking up all the attention, but how do you explain Allen's production in Kansas City? Thats right, he started out in Kansas City, and carried his production to Minnesota where he continued to have success. Year in and year out you could expect Allen to be tops on the sacks list. Very consistent. Gotta love the guy. 1 of the best defensive ends to play, he is also very durable. It's hard to separate 3-4 ends and 4-3 ends and if you are going with 3-4 than you have to put Aaron Smith as the best 3-4 DE. But because of injuries I had decided to go with Jared Allen as the best overall DE. 

Other possible options: Aaron Smith,Dwight Freeney,Julius Peppers, Justin Tuck, Mario Williams.


Okay I have given my opinion, I would like to hear everyone's opinion on who is best at each position. Don't hate on my list lol. 

P.S. I am not a ravens fan for anyone that may think so because of my name. My username is from the book "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. It has nothing to do with the Ravens in the NFL. Just saying.. :b 

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