Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 1: "I smell cheese, where's the RAT-bird? Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is now! I am proud to present to you the first official HDM of the season 2011- 2.0. This year expect a twist, celebrity writers (i.e. PCI, Chachi, WV, 6, Johnny Ringo, Steel Spike Arn’s "challenge winner" and Mini just to name a few) will join Arn and I to give you the lowdown of what to come each week, as well as give you the eye candy that you expect... Our first celeb on the chopping block is WV, give him a hand!!! Enjoy our faithful followers of BTSC and as always we thank you for your continued support.

Webslasher81: Well this has been a rather boring off season for me to say the least, I have been in NFL "limbo" as you might call it waiting to get my fix for fall weather and the quest for 7, and getting rid of a almost disastrous summer (i.e. NFL lockout), now that the SB hangover is done I want redemption. Since as you all know revenge is a dish better to be served cold.

PixburghArn: I'm still in a funk. My car broke down so I couldn't do any Driveby’s. I think the guns are getting rusty. We have to make sure we get Steel Spike in. he won my challenge I had during the long drawn out off season. We actually have official spokes models of BTSC now. Our BTSC Official Lady of Science Fiction is Kate Beckinsale. She won in a landslide. Our Official Lady of Comedy is Mila Kunis. She was behind Stacey Dash until she promised to date a Marine and got sympathy votes. Therefore, you heard it here first. Stacey Dash is PixburghArn's Official Spokeswoman. When I go on Driveby’s she packs the trunk.

WVPiratesFan: This is first summer in quite some time that didn't drag on for me, I chaulk this up to the Pirates return to respectability. Now that it's football season and the NHL getting ready to start back up I'm ready for it to winter.

How about the predictions from the Ravens game?

Webslasher81: Well first and foremost this game is going to be brutal. For the first game of the season it’s going to be a hellacious bloodbath. The road to the Super-bowl begins now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Since the inception of the Ravens, versing the Steelers this has been the most intense and the best rivalry in football. Classic smash mouth tendencies to set the tone of the 2011 season, I believe as always the this will be a defensive battle...casualties will be all over the field of glory, I call it as I see it. Steelers 13 – Ravens 10.

PixburghArn: You know....I hate this game being so early in the season. I also hate the Ravens. But I don't hate to say that we win this game on a controversial call in the 4th quarter. Both defense have lapses. The Steelers early and the Ravens in the second half. A crucial turnover in Steelers territory ends any real threat the Ravens have in the second half and the Steelers hold on to win 23-16.

WVPiratesfan: After seeing the last Ravens-Steelers match up in person I came away with one thing. Joe Flacco for some reason is afraid to stretch the Steelers defense, but instead opts to check it down to Ray Rice, his FB or a TE out in the flat. This prompted me to nickname him Capt. Checkdown. This time around I expect more of the same and Ben continuing to torch the Ravens secondary. Steelers 21 Ravens 10

Who is going to be the predicted standouts for The Ravens game?

Webslasher81: The instruments of demise for the Ravens will still continue, crucial turnovers at the games most pivotal points will put to rest at least for the first outing. On Offense: watch for Mike "Flash" Wallace to explode all over the Ravens secondary (6 grabs 118 yds. 1 TD) and on Defense: Woodley will shine, (12 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 sacks).

PixburghArn: On offense my standout is Hines Ward. A late Touchdown from Ward seals the deal. Ward 4 catches for 95 yards and 1 TD. On defense my standout is Lawrence Timmons. Lawrence Timmons with 3 PD, 1 sack and an INT.

WVPiratesfan: My standout on defense for this game is going to be one Lawerence Timmons. Due to Flacco propensity to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible so Woodley or Harrison don't break him in half, LT is going to have plenty of chances to make big plays to turn those short throws into short completions. On the offensive side of the ball I'm taking Antonio "Dahn Tahn" Brown, I'm not sure who the Ravens nickle corner is but Dahn Tahn is going to be making him look foolish all day

Antonio-brown-ap_medium remove the snow and imagine it's in M&T Bank Stadium.


What concerns do you have this week?

Webslasher81: As always, I believe the secondary (i.e. McFadden and Gay) will give up chunks of yards, giving in for Tomlin to pull necessities and bring in K. Lewis to make the proper adjustments. As well as the O-line, listen we know the Ravens, and we know how they love to try and fluster BB. Pouncey and co. Will have to make time for BB to move the ball around effectively, w/o him getting destroyed, (i.e. reference to Ngata breaking BB’s nose etc...).

PixburghArn: Turnovers concern me. The main source being fumbles. I mean fumbles from anyone. I'm not basing this on precedence or anything but just a feeling I have. As always I'm concerned on how well these guys are going to protect Ben. I don't want to see the ball on the ground or a bloody Big Ben. I'm also worried Flacco might cause rug burn from those eyebrows when someone sacks him.

WVPiratesfan: Has to be the offensive line. Terrell Suggs has made Jon Scott look like a revolving door everytime he has been matched up against him. I don't really have any concerns about the defense orther than if Joe Flacco will get his unibrow knocked off finally.

Cheerleader of the week:

Webslasher81: I don’t know if she is actually a NFL cheerleader but she and her friend are sure nice to look at...


Goodbye NFL...until next! (via Claus K)

PixburghArn: How you gonna slip a cheerleader's friend in like she's legit Slasha? Excuse me but I never made it out of the beltway up to Baltimore so I'm stretch a little and bring my Beltway beauty up to meet you all.




WVPiratesfan: If only I had the money and the grades to go to TCU...



International Hostess of the week:

Webslasher81: Yeah I don’t know her name…but, BUT…she is definitely Puerto Rican, and brings some flavor to the table…


sexy black (via Showboy4lyf)

PixburghArn: I have decided I will only show respectful pictures of my hostess of the week. Even though my hostess of the week is known to go noticeably Commando in public I chose one that shows she most definitely doesn't all the time. Welcome the lovely Catalina Robayo, from Columbia.



WVPiratesfan: Does New Jersey count as international. Because if it does, and even if it doesn't, here is the lovely Susan Coffey


Susan_Coffey_White (via blackwolf498)

Well boys and girls this wraps up the first week of the regular season, please tune in next week to see what myself and Arn come up with next, with the added flavor of the celebrity guests that we have in store for you. As we take on our former SB XL foe the Seahawks at the Ketchup Bottle. 

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