What a couple days on BTSC!

Most of you who know me probably realize that I'm not one to write fan posts, but I feel compelled to talk about what has been an amazing couple of days of postings at our beloved blog. The beginning of football season seems to have brought out the best from some of our best contributors. Join me after the jump as we review an incredible run of writing.

The week started off with a bang on Monday as one of our resident Kiwis, Michael Hewitt, got us ready for the battles in the AFC North with his season preview. It's good to see that removing the underscore from your name hasn't diminished your writing and analysis skills.

Just as that posting was getting us fired up for the season to come, along comes Michael Ulhorn (what's up with all the Michaels?) to take a look back in the first of what promises to be an outstanding series of posts. I believe I can speak for everyone on this blog in saying that we are very excited about your project.

Now that we are fired up about the season to come in the AFC North, and fired up about the prospect of week after week being reminded of our illustrious history, along comes Mechem to make our stomachs hurt from laughing at his guide of hate. Mechem, we at BTSC most definitely do not hate you, and you certainly don't stank.

After catching our breath and stitching up our sides that have split from laughter, we had the pleasure to wake up to a posting that I can honestly say, with no offense intended to any of the outstanding contributors on this site, is from my favorite contributing author, Ivan Cole. Ivan, as usual, uses his fantastic writing skills to express his customary optimism and perspective that left me wondering how the Steelers will even let another team within double figures, let alone defeat our beloved team.

As I walked around with my chest puffed out challenging any football fan I run into to bet me any amount in their bank account against my Steelers winning the super bowl, I check back on BTSC to discover what may have been the best piece of satire I have read on this site, written by an up and coming star contributor, Anthony Defeo. I'm a bit pissed at you Anthony, as I had to miss half a day of work to get my sides re-stitched.

As if we don't already have an embarrassment of riches in writing talent contributing to this site, we get a brand new author by the name of Brett Cottrell who wrote an incredibly clever take on a classic poem. Welcome to the site, Brett, and no pressure or anything but we will expect this kind of excellence on a consistent basis. We are Steeler fans after all.

I would be remiss if I didn't include a regular contributor who, although his writing skills may not quite compare with some of the others mentioned, is to be admired for his constant optimism and good cheer in every posting not only on BTSC but on all of SBNation despite some physical impairments. Thank you for your contribution today, J-Man, and your contribution throughout the season. And we all know you are really a closet Steeler fan. Don't worry, we won't ruin your secret.

Finally, as I get ready to wrap up the evening with one last peruse of the internets's best blog, we have a great review and thought provoking post about the Steelers offensive line from Hombre de Acero.

What a couple days, and we still have three more full days until the game. The mind boggles at what is still to come. I will wrap this up with a quick side note to our resident MR's, Mary Rose and Momma Rollett. The bar has been set tremendously high.

Go Steelers!

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