My Mock Draft 2.0 and Off-season Decisions

I want to start this post by stating that currently the Steelers are well over the estimated salary cap for the 2013 season. The average overage I have see is roughly fifteen million to twenty million dollars over the cap. So in this version of my mock draft I am not only going to state my picks but also some of my decision for the Steelers personnel. In short I am pretending to be Kevin here it goes.

- Free Agency-

Retires- Aaron Smith, James Farrior, Chris Hoke


Cut Chris Kemoeatu, cut Johnathan Scott, cut Bryant McFadden, cut Arnaz Battle, cut Larry Foote, cut Shaun Suisham cut Johnathan Dwyer, cut John Clay


Hines Ward- Ward is a veteran that keep the members of "Young Money" in check. He is definitely welcome to come back but not at his current salary, Bring him back at severely reduced pay. At this rate though it might be better to get a rookie who can contribute and play special teams.

Casey Hampton- Casey is coming off an ACL injury heading into next season. The Steelers will look to lower his cap number by restructuring and reducing his pay.

Heath Miller- restructure his deal by posiibly adding on years to get cap hit down


Tender Mike Walace a 1st and a 3rd then work a deal that is heavily back loaded

Sign Ramon Foster to a two year deal

Sign Keenan Lewis

Sign Isaac Redman, Steve McLendon Jeremy Kappinos to just above minimum,

Sign William Gay ( if you would have asked me a year ago I would have laugh in your face at this idea)

Sign Larry Grant, ILB San Francisco to a four year deal worth roughly 3 million a year average.

Sign Matt Prater, K Bronco

Sign Chad Henne, QB Dolphins

The Draft-

1st Round- Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin:

Konz is an incredibly intelligent and football smart prospect. He made all of the calls for Wisconsin's offensive line. He can quickly recognize and adjust to blitzes and stunts. Great feet and ability to drop his pad level. Has a very good pop when coming out of his stance. Konz also is a very good technician that understands angles and blocking. Nasty, tough Olinemen who will finish plays to the whistle. He is 6'5" 315lbs and as a taller guard leverage can be an issue when tired however he does a great job of using his hands to reestablish leverage and anchor. He could start day one and be an instant upgrade at Guard. He could also give the Steelers a very reliable back up at center.Closest player comparison Matt Birk, C, Ravens

2nd Round- Alemeda Ta'amu, DT Washington:

Ta'amu is a prototypical NT prospect in the 3-4 defense. He is 6'3" 337lbs and is very strong. Ta'amu has a good intial step and plays low. Ta'mu has very good lower and upper body strength. He is surprisingly quick for a 337lbs man. However some negative are his short arms. They may hurt his ability against NFL caliber linemen. He alsocan be walled off in block more often then you would like and though he is strong enough to push a double team their are time where he completely loses to it. Closest player comparison, Phil Taylor DT Browns.

3rd Round- Aimini Silatolu OG/OT Midwestern State:

Silatolu is the prototypical size for a NFL guard at 6'3" 324lbs. He is a former LT who posses good quick feet and ability in pass protection. Silatolu however is also a mauler in the running game, choosing to finish block. Bends at the knees and can create a good low center of gravity. He can have a tendency to play high and it seems he hasn't been ask to be in a 3 point stance a lot but Silatolu is intriguing prospect. However coming from Midwestern State he has very little NFL competition he played against. Therefore Silatolu play in the Senior Bowl and practices before are vital for his draft status. I like his ability and he could start day one but more likely to start half way through the season or next year. Closest player comparison Willie Colon who is 6'3" 315 and a 4th round pick out of Hofstra who was also projected better at guard.

4th Round- Jarius Wright WR Arkansas:

I know what you are thinking another WR there is no way. Think about it though after this season both Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown will be RFAs can they afford both? And what about the injury issue. Wright gives the team a quick very sharp route running WR. He also ahs some speed with an estimated 4.34 forty time. Wright has solid hand and one of his only real knocks is his size. He is 5'10" 180lbs. He will need to put at least 10lbs on his frame but Wright should fit...well "right" in with "Young Money" Definitely a BPA pick. Best player comparison Antonio Brown.

5th Round- Evan Rodriguez, FB/TE/H-Back Temple:

Rodriguez is 6'2" 250lbs player who position should state athlete. He fits perfectly in the role David Johnson had in Bruce Arians' offense except more of a threat in the passing game. Rodriguez is quick for his size and has decent speed. He exhibits some pop off the line when blocking in the TE position. When asked to pull from the H-Back position he did so very well. He is a very clean route running with very good hand. Rodriguez can line up as a FB and run the ball of block. He can line up at the TE and block or be a legitimate passing target. He can also line up in the slot or as an HB and run receiver routes. Rodriguez is a great fit for the Bruce Arians offense as a "FB". Closest player comparison Aaron Hernadez.

6th Round- Adrian Robinson, OLB Temple:

Robinson is a high motor who will never quit on a play. Has played everywhere along Temple front from De to OLB rushing to dropping in to coverage. He is a football savy guy who has a nice first step. Unfortunately he can take a wasted step a lot. He is 6'1" 250lbs. He isn't really explosive and has only a little below average arm length. This guy hoever will be a good special team player who could develop into a solid back up for Woodley at LOLB. Closest player comparison Justin Houstin OLB Kansas City.

7th Round- Christian Thompson FS, South Carolina State:

Actually don't know too much I know he is 6'1" 206lbs. I know he is estimated to run a 4.45 40 time and I have heard through fan rumors that is has some intangible he can bring to the table. To me that sums up what I am looking for a guy who can play special teams and maybe develop into something more.

7th Round Compensatory- Dominique Hamilton DT Missouri:

Dominique Hamilton is 6'5" 305lbs. He has long arms and a thick frame that looks athletic. When he stays low has great explosion off the line. Is very aware and at his best against the run. Has the lower body strength to drive back blockers. doesn't use his hands well and get his pad level high. However all of the mistake Hamilton makes are coachable. He also has a frame that he can fill out and put 15-25 more lbs on if he wants. This mean Hamilton can play either the 5 technique or gain the wieght and play the NT. I like him as a 5 tech for the Steelers and could develope to a rotational guy in a year or two if given the chance.

So there it is I would have drafted 2 Guards, a NT, a WR, a FB/TE, a OLB, a FS and a DE/DT after addressing ILB, K and QB in Free Agency.

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