Hump Day Mix 2.0 Wild Card Playoff round: (Mile Highness) Edition

Well ladies and germs the time is upon us…Where boys become men, put up or shut up, this is the Playoffs. And here at BTSC we are taking no prisoners. This week has been very hectic for me I recently got back from Portland/Mt. Hood Oregon snowboarding (sorry guys that I couldn’t meet up with you…) and had to listen to the Brownies game on my Crack-berry podcast. With that said, were keeping it simple this week (at least) with myself, Arn, and 1BlkGldfan, and the celeb pick o’ the week: Seton Hall and Steelers (SHS for short lol. Give him a hand…!). As always we give you what you crave: the breakdowns, the predictions, the eye candy and the summary. We take on the Donkeys this week…let’s do this!!!


How about those Brownies predictions:

Webslasher81: 13 – 9, really?! I wish we would have just rested Ben and Mendy. But as it goes we didn’t and now BB is haggard and Mendy is on the IR. I really don’t know what to say other than "F******************K", and what the hell was up with Toronto and Cincy just lying down and shitting their bedsWu-saaaa, ok anyway I guess this is how we like to do it, since we have been doing this all season (i.e. backs up against the wall and such…). I didn’t predict this outcome but it will do, we have a chip on our shoulder, and it will be shown against everybody we face

PixburghArn: I said it would be a tough game and if they didn't allow a

special teams TD they would win by two TDs, but I really thought they would

for some reason. Anyhow it was tough and we only won by one TD.

1BlkGldfan: I expected a higher scoring game but I'm not disappointed. I'd have rather heard Mendy's name for 100+ yards and not in relation to anything ligament related. I predicted the defense would step it up and they did~ good game by quite a few! Antonio Brown has made an art-form out of using his head to catch passes... that's soooo David Tyree! I expected the refs to call a good game.... yeah, I was wrong.

Seton Hall and Steelers: To be honest I expected a blowout (and not a blown-out knee). I thought we would come out and win by 20 or 30 points but I am still happy just coming away with a W.

Standouts from the Browns game:

Webslasher81: If I had any I thought BB would have a career day, and on defense Ike or Troy would have been the game changer…at least one of my pipe dreams came true while in a Log Cabin up in the mountain’s where they Invented the "Oregon Trail" game…



PixburghArn: I said the running game would be the standout. There were great

positives and low negatives in this department so you have to go with Antonio

Brown as the standout again. On defense I said Big Play Willie Gay would come

up big. While he did well and almost did what I predicted in a Tweet this

week (pick 6), Troy was the man again. My nickname for Troy is now

Nightcrawler. Just when you think your safe, he shows up out of nowhere.

1BlkGldFan: Ryan Clark (sack!) Troy incredible plays as always and nice INT,

too! Timmons did a great job and Willie Gay was solid on his Happy Birthday!

Antonio Brown... you're a baller. Hines Ward gets 1000 and Heeeeeeath setting

records of his own. How fortunate are WE to have seen 1000 catches from our

Hines. He'll always be one of my very favorites. Thanks Hines... I sure

appreciate you.

Seton Hall and Steelers: The standouts from this game had to be Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark, and Antonio Brown. These three members straight up balled out and were the reasons we won. Also, have to give props to Hines Ward for getting #1000. Who didn't love seeing that smile on his face walking off the field with the ball?

Predictions for the Broncos game:

Webslasher81: Going into this game, w/o Mendy, w/o Clark, with a banged up BB and a banged up O-line this is going to be a fight to the death. Hostile crowd, Tebow, a Monkey riding a dog…(wtf), tough game. But there is one thing the Donkeys don’t have…and that’s ME!, yes BTSC faithful I will be at the game on the SIDELINES wearing a Black and Gold lucha libre mask…look for me to spark our team to victory. Steelers 24Donkeys 17.

PixburghArn: I predict an ugly game. Denver will come with some things to

counter the Steelers' aggression. Maybe some gadgets, like new wrinkles to

things you saw all year. Tebow is going to have to make some yards with his

feet. Tight-ends and backs will get a lot of action. The Steelers will get

out to a lead and have long time consuming drives, but I don't see them

running away with this. Denver is the team that is not happy with their play

yet happy they are in the dance. They played horrible last week and they will

be focused this week. The Steelers will have to not give Denver any gifts and

counter any early "flurries". Steelers 24 Broncos 10.

1BlkGldFan: I expect Tebow to get Deebo'ed. It's very simple: The Denver

Broncos will be destroyed within 30 minutes. The last 30 will be for nothing

more than proving a point. I expect a high scoring (Steelers, anyway) affair,

with Pittsburgh putting up 30+ points and the top ranked defense allowing <10.

Bold you say? Damn Skippy! Antonio Brown, Heath, Wallace and Sanders (The

Next Great 88) will be very involved; look for good things from our "young

money crew".

Seton Hall and Steelers: This one is going to be a slaughter. It is basically going to be a home game and I know we will be missing Clark, Mendy, and maybe more but I have complete confidence that Tebow is going to crap his pants at least twice and we win big. I don't think the Tebow's get a TD and I think we win 31 to 3.

Predicted standouts for the Broncos game:

Webslasher81: On Offense I am going with our new RB tandem RedBEAST and Clay, (both RB’s accumulate 100+ yds. And 2 scores.) and on Defense, I am going with The Taz and Diesel tandem, (both bring pain to Tebow, Diesel: 2 sacks, 5 tfl, and one strip sack fumble. Taz: (1 Pick to the HOUSE, 1 ½ sack, 4 tfl.).

PixburghArn: My standout is Heath Miller on offense. If Wallace gets single

coverage at all and Ben can get the ball there he will have big numbers. On

defense, I just feel Big Play Willie Gay gets tested this week and passes with

flying colors.

1BlkGldFan: Ryan Mundy will fill in nicely for Ryan Clark and Troy will play

an exceptionally good game in Clarks' absence. I know #33 had a case of the

butter fingers last week (I still say Gilbert recovered that fumble... but I

won't open up that wound: We won; and Cleveland is, as usual, done.) but

expect Redman to see a lot of balls handed off to him and him not fumbling.

Just a hunch. I think Ben is going to look more like the pre-injury Ben this

week. In fact, I think the game will be so far out of the Broncos reach by

the 4th quarter, we'll be able to see C-Batch.

Seton Hall and Steelers: The standouts for this game are going to be Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Troy Polamalu. For Ben, he is going to show that he is ready to lead us to another Super Bowl and will put up 320 yards and 3TDs. For Brown, he is going to continue to dominate and catch 7 balls for 104 yards and you might as well throw in a TD for good measure. And for Troy, he is going to take his game to a whole new level, recording a sack, forcing a fumble, picking off two Tebow passes, and recording 10 tackles.

Concerns for the Broncos game:

Webslasher81: The concerns I have is how well Ben plays and how well the O-line plays protecting BB from a stout Donkeys line…This and forever will be the outcome from here on out. A heart attack for me looms above my head like a storm-cloud

PixburghArn: My only concern is Denver making enough plays and Steelers

missing opportunities. I'm afraid the pressure not getting to Tebow and Tebow

getting lots of running yards. The kind of game like the San Diego AFC

championship in Pittsburgh in 1995.

1BlkGldFan: Injuries and Von Miller. That's it. That rookie is a BEAST.

O-line is going to have to protect Ben with serious determination. The

Broncos aren't a horrible team but match up for match up, they don't have 1/2

the talent the Steelers have. I'm concerned that they may let the Broncos

"hang around" when they should bury them by half time. I'll have none of

that, please. Swift, convincing beat-down of Denver would be nice. "IT'S


Seton Hall and Steelers: I have no concerns. None. What so ever. The Tebow's are the worst playoff team in a long time and we are going to slaughter them. Then we are going to slaughter the Ratbirds. Then the Cheaters. And then the Packers on route to Number 7. Dont fear now boys. Number 7 is only one month away.

Cheerleader(s) of the week:

Webslasher81: You know that since we’re playing the Donkeys this weekend I am looking forward to meeting some of these Horse whisperers









PixburghArn: I have to stick with my instincts and go with the finest in the NFL









Seton Hall and Steelers: Since the Broncos are the opposition and therefore I hate them this week, I will not allow their gorgeous cheerleaders to grace this edition of the HDMs because that might be bad luck. Instead, I will post some pictures of cheerleaders on teams that are out of the playoffs. (And since this is the playoffs, I am going to post a ton of pictures for "good luck")





























International Hostess of the week:

Webslasher81: In lieu, of what people think Canada does have "NICE" scenery!!!







and yet another future ex-wife porn-star Audrey Bitoni…(always a shout-out to Chachi in this dept. haha!).



PixburghArn: I wonder how Iceland is this time of year, Popsicles anyone???





Seton Hall and Steelers: For this weeks International beauties I am going to go to the lovely country of South Africa. If you have never visited there, this might change your mind.













Well fellow HUMPERS…this wraps up yet another great HDM mixery. Tune in next week (hopefully), when we have a post wrap up of the Broncos game and of what is to come for the Pittsburgh Steelers, with color commentary from your 3 Amigos, and the celeb pick(s) o’ the week

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