Dick LeBeau Exposed

Some great points from the article above:

1) In his first stint as the Bengals defensive coordinator (from 1984-1991): Allowed an average of 20.3 points per game during his entire tenure, only once (in 1989 when they were #9) were those defenses above 17th in points allowed.

2) Since 2007, the Steelers defense has allowed 20 game-winning drives in the 4th quarter of games. That's tied with the Packers for second worst; only the Washington Redskins have been worse with 24. When leading by 1-8 points in the 4th quarter and overtime in games, the defense has allowed 22 touchdowns and 25 field goals. Fifteen of those TD drives were at least 70 yards in length, nine were at least 80 yards in length.

3) Since 2007, the Steelers defense is worst in the league at allowing game winning drives with 2 minutes left (10), worst with 1 minute left (9), worst with 40 seconds left (9), worst with 15 seconds left (7) and worst in the last 40 seconds of regulation plus overtime (13). The only time frame where they aren't the worst? In overtime with four, which ranks them tied for third worst only ahead of Green Bay and Miami.

4) When LeBeau was the Bengals defensive coordinator from 1984-1991, his defenses were tied with Cleveland and Minnesota for allowing a league worst 27 game-winning drives.

5) When LeBeau took over as the Steelers defensive coordinator for the second time in 2004, the league's Super Bowl winning QBs (aside from Roethlisberger since LeBeau obviously hasn't had to face him) have no real problems putting up great stats against the Steelers defense. Those Super Bowl winning QBs are Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner and Brett Favre. Combined their stats read as follows: passer rating of 98.5, 64.7 completion percentage, 38 TD passes and just 10 interceptions. The record isn't fantastic at 11-10, but the Steelers also have a franchise QB of their own, keep that in mind. Of those seven QBs, only Favre has struggled. He's got a 62.4 completion percentage, but just a passer rating of 71.1 while throwing for no TD passes and two interceptions. The rest have had no issues torching LeBeau coached defenses.

6) When LeBeau was Cincy's defensive coordinator from 1984-1991, the best QBs in the NFL then were John Elway, Dan Marino and Joe Montana. Those guys had a 10-0 record, a 95.7 passer rating, 17 TD passes and just seven interceptions. That's what happens when you don't have a great QB like Roethlisberger to bail you out defensively.

7) (Exact quotes from the article):
1) "LeBeau's Pittsburgh's defense was built to stop the run, which is less significant in today's game."
2) "Without a ton of talent at cornerback, and a stubbornness to continue playing with such large cushions — or to play no real pass defense at all against Tim Tebow in the playoffs — a quarterback can easily get into a rhythm and pick this defense apart as long as the protection is picking up the blitzes, which are no longer very innovative in 2012."

Agree with this article 99.5 percent. The only part I really disagree with is the Steelers defense now being vastly overrated. They suck now. LeBeau needs to go. I can't wait for the guy to retire.

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