Driveby Report: We Make It Rainey Edition

I'm tired! I have no voice! Got home at 1 am from the game last night and woke up at 6 am this morning. I was supposed to be at work by 6 but that wasn't happening. We came in hearing Bengal fans saying "Who Dey?" We left PBS hearing them say "Who We?"

I just have a question for you. Do you want it Rainey or Dwyer? When the Cincy Dee was wettin our offense we but them in the Dwyer. Then when it was showtime we made it Rainey on 'em. Let's get this party started riiiiiiiight. Let's get this party started quickly.... lock and load..Set it off!

I hate Lil Wayne, but:

1. Willie Colon: Man usually you don't want an over active colon, unless you want to drop one on your opponents head. Willie was clearly ticked off about something and he destroyed anything in his path. Me likey.

2. Ben: The only real problem I had with him was the pick he threw into double coverage, other than that he was boss. Throughout the game I'm hearing Bengals fans saying things like (my responses in brackets), "That dude is good" (you think?), "That dude is a stud" (sorry dude he's married), "If you're under 18 ladies you better hide Ben's in the Redzone" (Really? Get your hands out of your pockets Sandusky) "He knows how to play the game. He never quits and makes the plays they need"

3. A. Brown: Beast mode. Hey Mike, you see what you need to do to get a contract? Sorry for the double negative but...You don't "not" play to get money you play. Brown balls out not hold hold. Nice pass by the way lefty. Grammar police are not at my door as we speak.

4. Wallace: You are still holding out and vacationing huh? I know you're paying Sweed some cash to wear your uniform.

5. Ike: He answered like I said he would. Didn't need a benching. He only needed to be called out. Though Cincy didn't really try him too much and he had some help at times. He actually didn't have bad coverage on the Green TD.

6. Dwyer: I think Dwyer wants to stop being in street clothes on Sunday. I have been wanting that too. I thought it was strange on one play though. He had a long run with open field on the left, but ran straight toward a defender so he could knock the snot out of him.

7. Rainey: He's electric. He just needs space...not much but he needs space.

8. Suisham: I see ya pawtnah. I'm still nervous but I see ya.

9. Woodley: Gave us a little preview of what he does the second half of the season. Keep that hammy fresh. His impact is bigger than the stat sheet, but one of those stats (INT) is huge.

10. Clark: I will say this again. Don't get me wrong, but this defense does not run without Clark. I miss Troy, but Clark is crucial to the success of this defense.

11. Timmons/DLine: I don't know if you noticed but he had a lot of tackles early and it was mostly because the DLine was getting handled. There were huge holes for the RBs to run through. That changed in the second half.

12. Crunchtime: That is how you put a team away. You punch them in the mouth and run the ball right down their throat.

13: B.Batch: There are some stats missing from his stat line that would have been huge, like receiving yards and a TD.

14. Burfict: That dude was getting on my nerves. I guess he's out to prove something since everyone passed on him through 7 whole rounds. He wasn't even Mr. Irrelevant.

15. I'm tired gotta get some work started. This bullet is yours. Let 'em fly

I heard some singing this as we left PBS last night.

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