Random Ramblings

Howdy folks.

This is the inaugural edition of what I hope becomes a weekly staple here on the best Steelers blog on the intrawebs.

Here goes...

As Neal mentioned in an earlier posting, Pro Bowl voting is open. At the midway point of the season, we're expected to vote for the top performing players in the league? How many votes do you think Troy's going to get, having only played in two games so far, and not complete ones at that? Ben is, of course, on the ballot, but that should come as no surprise to any of us here in Steeler Nation. He's been having the best (statistical) year of his career. So far...

Which segue's us into...The O-Line. (Like how I did that? ;P) Holy crap did they look good last week! Mike Adams, welcome to the NFL kid. Legursky...Oh how I love eating my words when players outperform my expectations so well. It looked like Pouncey put on Legs' # and went out and dominated like usual. How about that Willie Colon? Huh? He was trying to bury the undrafted rookie. I'm surprised Burfict didn't have turf burns on his ass after that takedown. I'll repost the GIF because it's just so damn funny.


Ike Taylor....I see you man. I know you say I can't see you, but I have Pimp-Ray vision, and you, sir, were pimpin' dat ho Green I just hope that wasn't a fluke, and you've got your head back on straight. If you have, I must say you sure took your sweet-ass time doing it. Keenan Lewis...You have a little ways to go before you reach the Pro Bowl. In fact, I'm not even sure you're on the ballot. Wouldn't surprise me if you were left off, since we all know the Steelers secondary is terrible if Troy's not in there...

Jonathan Dwyer. You just got recognized, kid. Welcome back. I was hopeful for you, but you far exceeded my expectations last Sunday. Too bad CJ2YPC and another RB, who's name escapes me (I think he's the guy in purple who trucked Willie Gay in a losing effort by a geriatric led team a couple years ago) had monster days, or you would've been in the running for the Fed Ex Ground player. You were beasting, kid. Glad to have you.

Alright, on to the rest of the league (kinda).

Ratbirds got fined by the league for not reporting an Ed Reed injury. I feel it should have definitely been more than 20k. Teams game plan against Reed the way they do against Troy, and that's really messed up that they wouldn't allow the opposing team to change their plan against a secondary without this guy..


London Fletcher looks to keep his Ironman streak alive this Sunday. Had full participation in practice today, which usually means participation in the next game. I, for one, am glad he'll be playing. Gotta respect a warrior like that, even though I hope he plays like crap all day. (Sorry, Hogs fans)

Cleveland won a game!!! You want to know the best part? They beat the Bungholes! I seriously couldn't stop laughing for a good 10 minutes when I saw that. It seemed like every talking head had dubbed the bungles as AFC North champions during pre-season. I wonder if any of them will ever actually acknowledge that fact when they're tied at the bottom of the North with the Skidmarks. LOL!

Onward to the picks! (Winners in BOLD)

CHICAGO over Carolina. sCam Newton looks like a bigger crybaby than Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler combined.

CLEVELAND over San Diego. Mainly because I hate Philip Rivers.

SEATTLE over Detroit. How have the Lions fallen so far? Seattle's "Legion of Boom" is terrifying...

GREEN BAY over Jacksonville. The Jags are terrible, and I don't see them turning it around against the Packers...

MIAMI over NYJ. I hate the New Jersey Jets, and Miami doesn't look as horrid as I thought they would.

PHILLY over Atlanta. No real reason for this, just think Vick could have a good day against his old team.

PITTSBURGH over Washington. Shouldn't have to explain this. I'm a homer, what can I say?

NEW ENGLAND over St. Louis. The over the pond battle...I hate the cheaters, but I just don't think Bradford can beat them.

INDIANA over Tennessee. Not sure why. I just think Luck will dismantle the Ten Teeth Tits, and CJ2YPC will go back to his normal, mediocre self this week.

KANSAS CITY over Oakland. Brady Quinn better than Matt Cassel? Uh, okay...But, I think that might just be the spark that puts the Chefs over CP9 and them RRRRRRRRRaiders.

NYG over Dallas. Hate the Cowboys. I would be the happiest man in the world if the cowporks would become the second team to have a 0-16 season. Besides, Giants own the cowgirls.

DENVER over New Orleans. That OTHER black and gold team hasn't put together a single complete phase of a game all season. Stick a fork in them.

SAN FRANCISCO over Arizona. The forty-whiners and their crybaby bitch of a coach are looking like a juggernaut this year. @yaaaay@

What I'm looking for on Sunday:

Ben to light up that horrific Redskins defense.

Jonathan Dwyer to light up that horrific Redskins defense.

The O-line to light up that horrific Redskins defense.

Deebo and Woodley to each get at least a half sack.

Keenan Lewis to get a pick.

Rainey to look like we expected him to be right after the draft.

Well, that's about it folks. Go ahead and ramble back at me with agreements, rebuttals, and your picks of the week.

I'll leave you guys with something to laugh at:


Go Steelers!

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