Driveby Report: Back to Reality Edition

Back to reality! Ok, so the Steelers have played a couple of good games in a row. I think they are kind of finding a grove. Next week will be a real test. I didn't see a lot of the beginning of the game so I wasn't going to do this Driveby, but the Driveby is not about me. The Driveby is about me and my homies ridin dirty lettin the bullets fly. So I may not get mine like I want to, but you can sho nuff get yours. So lock and load homies me have work to do!

Disclaimer: The Driveby Report does not endorse the use of drugs or violence. All references to drugs and violence are intended for entertainment purposes only.

1. Variety: Something this offense has that Arians' offense didn't.

2. Running game: Something else Arians' offense didn't have. I know...but it wasn't all that effective.

3. The weather: When it rains we get all Rainey on 'em then we stomp 'em Dwyer. Ok, pause here because some of ya'll aren't going to get that first reading.

4. The weather 2: What better to have in the rain than thunder (Dwyer) and Lightning (Rainey)?

5. Dwyer: One thing you don't like as a defender when it's wet on natural grass is being caught standing with a big running back coming your way. We haven't seen this kind of running since....I won't say it because it's played out now. And I'm not going to call him that new nickname.

6. Rainey: I love this cat. He's small in stature among the giants, but he doesn't shy away from mixing it up.

7. Ben: When he keeps that "INT" column empty the Steelers are hard to beat. Ben has to love Haley's offense. It gives him opportunities to not be hit. His stats suffer but.... Did you see Ben with the sweet footwork? Now if he could have gotten that refrigerator off his back he may have gotten into the end zone.

8. O-Line: As much as they are blasted you have to give these boys credit. They did work yesterday. And what got into Adams? Whatever it is, give him some more.

9. Wallace: Nice recovery. Responded well.

10. The Pope: 1 catch, 1 yard, 1 TD perfect

11. Heath: Solid once again big plays and another score.

12. Suisham: Still squeezin 'em through. I know one fell in the alligator pit a few weeks ago but hey.

13. The Butler did it: Yes he did very nice day of punting, two inside the 20 out of three.

14. Clark: AKA "Night Night"...guess why. I love Troy but this defense is not very good without Clark.

15. Foote: I have to apologize for thinking he was done back when he went to Detroit. Foote is what he is, he handles his biz, ya feel me?

16. Will Allen: Wayne Warriors represent. Will played a good game. He showed why he's starting over Mundy.

17. Mundy: Gotta be fair. He did ok. It's too bad he was replacing Clark because the drop off is noticeable for that reason.

18. RGIII: He is the real deal. He's better than Luck. If he had receivers they would be dangerous. Those drops hurt his completion percentage but some of those receivers were hearing footsteps. They knew "Night Night" was back there.

19. Somebody tell DeAngelo Hall to take his meds!

20. This one is yours! Let 'em fly.

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