Hump Day Mix 3.0 Week 5: (The battle for PA) Edition

Ladies and Germs, Welcome back to another addition of the Hump Day Mix...

Thanks for tuning in, as you know you’re master of ceremonies: DubSleazy, will be leading the charge and WV and Chachi will be the other innovators behind the scenes for this week’s mixery (Arnie is sitting out this merry – go - round due to conflict with his schedule and other things, 1BLKGLDFAN also is out as well, GUYS GET BACK SOON!!!)…I am happy to be back after a week’s hellacious schedule of work and am a bit confused, after the debacle in the Black hole which made me put my fist through my closet door and chuck a full beer can at my car window, I have edged off because it was a bye week Let me just say I hate living around Donkey fans, it makes me quite sick. So let’s get down to the biz…yes the picks, the rants and the star studded eye-candy. So sit back and enjoy the show. Now let’s get to the HUMP!!!

And…let’s FOCUS?

DubSleazy: Well where do I begin, hmm…shitty calls, Carson Palmer shredding the secondary, playing in a fecal matter dump site…check, check, and yes check all three really tied in that loss with barbed wire right around our necks…honestly we need to get it together, I mean with Mendy, Taz, and Deebo all on the return and at home might I add…things are gonna be looking up…let’s get back to SMASHMOUTH the only way we know best…

WV: Well with the bye week over and with many contributors coming back from injury its time to focus on the important things in life. Like hating the absolute shit hole that is Philadelphia, to say I can stand Philly would be an understatement. Fans that have no concept that their teams really aren't that good, place unreasonable expectations on said teams, I guess Andy Reid should win 2 SBs a year or something I don't know, not to mention some of the most classless fans this side of Oakland. Who can forget the time they cheered Michael Irvin breaking his neck.

Chachi: As I've said before every franchise has its share of travails, the bumps and slumps are cyclic, they expose weaknesses and the better teams make adjustments based on these illuminations. To put the sh*t plain, the defense ain't brung it so we wring our hands as fans and some of us curse. However, in lieu of tones which could be construed as Doom & Gloom I am keeping sh*t light this week and breaking away from the pack to do my own thing. I am a hotshot and I fly by the seat of my pants. This little journey is a reminder to the many in Steeler Nation of why The Pittsburgh Steelers will always be better than 31 other 'teams' in the modern NFL.

Greatest Fan Base in the WORLD.

Two words: GAME-TIME, and tales of the tape…?

DubSleazy: Be it as it may, the only good thing to come out of this bye week was me winning all of my fantasy football games. Pretty lame, in all honesty I don’t give two shits who is playing unless it’s the Steelers and whomever were stomping a mud-hole in. I got the NFL ticket for one reason US. That’s it…I have been really pissed lately and being surrounded by Donkey butt love has made me more angry…Offensive POW: BB 14-19, 303 yds, 3 TD’s and a rushing TD (yes I said it haha he will punch one in…TWSS). Defensive POW: One of two Deebo or Taz no glitz or glamour…JUST PAIN!!! Steelers 34 – Pigeon shit 17

WV: Now on to the game itself. Mike Vick has turned into, well Mike Vick and seemingly has forgotten what uniforms his guys are wearing and is handing out turnovers as though its Christmas, which brings me back to my earlier point and once Eagles fans booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus but I digress, so we may get those turnovers numbers back up with Mike Vick's apparent color blindness. Now as bad as their offense outside of LeSean McCoy has been, the defense has been rather stout. The off-season trade for Demeco Ryans and drafting Mychal Kendricks shored up a rather, how do I say it....horrible LB core last year. Out on the corner spot you got Nnamndi Asomuagh and Rodgers-Cromartie, not to be confused with our Cromartie-Smith. Not to mention Trent Cole and Jason Babin flying off the edge with using the 9 technique which makes it harder to tackles to get to them, but also makes them susceptible to the run game. Keys for this week, same as just about every week. Score more points than the other team, though whatever means it takes to do that. Final score prediction 24-14 good guys.

Chachi: The Pittsburgh Steelers are an International Entity whose diverse demographic is unmatched by any other sports franchise. Boasting a variant of opposites from all backgrounds who come together and toast beers during gameday while leaving politics at the door. Rush Limbaugh was urged by a scumbag schmuck fan of that team stolen from Cleveland to abandon his allegiance to the Black & Gold after Obama backed them prior to XLIII. Limbaugh did not take the bait and said football is one area of American life that everyone can agree on. I agree with that…as well as this score, STILLERS 27 – EAGLES 17.


DubSleazy: I believe I summed it up pretty much throughout this edition of the HDM of how I have to listen to how much my fellow Coloradoans gush over Peyton…and still, some gush over Tebow and he don’t even play for them…I’m off my soap box, sorry guys!!!

WV: This week I have none…other than eat my $h!+ Eagles

Chachi: No rants…but, Other notable fans include: Snoop, Michael Keaton, Adam Sandler, Seth Myers, Billy Gardell, Brett Michaels, Burt Reynolds, January Jones, Jimmie Johnson, Verne Troyer, John Grisham, Wiz Khalifa, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, Gwyneth Paltrow, Curt Schilling, Paul Rudd, Hank Williams Jr, Deron Williams, Toby Keith, Jeff Goldblum, Kurt Angle, Roy Jones, Reggie Jackson, Arnold Palmer. I posted a link to the History Channel's How the States Got Their Shapes episode shot in Pittsburgh which dealt with White Collar vs Blue Collar in the rust belt (post steel-mill era). I was on that show representing the Blue-Collar Steelers fan. Check it out here:
The truest fans are loyal fans and our loyalty will see us through any bumps along the road. We have our history and we have our dignity. Black & Gold Semper Fidelis!!!

Now Wave Them Towels Because Here Come the Girlies!!!

Hostess of the week:

DubSleazy: Goo



meet Nicki



WV: Now for some good looking females (Said in a Bill Clinton voice)

Tarion Suicide



Samantha Humphreys



Chachi: YOI, and double YOI





Cheerleaders of the week:

DubSleazy: I hate the Patriots but…Jody is ok in my books…



and then meet a dynamic duo from Cincy and TampaShannon and Jennifer



WV: Well there not cheerleaders…but they dance quite well…

Mia Yim Miayim1_medium


Lumo Suicid Lumo_suicide_g30_medium


Chachi: TICAL!!!



Well…this wraps up yet another HDM mixfest…tune in next week, as we take on those wannabe bad-boy’s from the AFC South the Tennessee "tooth-less" Titans at the Ketchup Bottle…can we say 2-2, then onto 3-2YES WE CAN! As always we love you BTSC and for those that support the HUMP! P.S. next week were introducing our first Celeb pick O’ the week: Seton Hall and Steelers…

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