Driveby Report: Can He Kick It? Edition

Ok, you wondering why this is so late? It's because I don't do Drivebys anymore. Then why am I doing it now? Because I can and I figured I'd try it with the new format (still don't likey). I'm feeling a little punch drunk from the drive from Ft. Walton Beach Florida, through Alabama (boring), through Nashville (got a look at LP), through Kentucky, Through Cincinnati (Cincitucky) and finally arrving home. So let's lock and load them.

1. Rush-hard: I'm not sure you'll get the Spin-then-haul part back but you rushed hard. Me likey.

2. Lawrence Timmons: My favorite drill to run as a coach is "filling the hole" (I it comes). Lawrence Timmons filled them rather well. Let me say, for this to happen the D-Line had to their job. Recognize that. My hat's off to LT though.

3. For you Pirates fans: Do these little things that add up remind you of Pirates games the second half of this season? A. Brown goes inside instead of outside and Cotchery trips so we settle for a fieldgoal. Ben misses Heath in the enzone. Ben and A. Brown (or was that Wallace) missed a hook up for 6. The officials rolling out the red carpet for the Eagles on their first TD and the fourth down make when McCoy was stopped. All of these missed opportunities and seemingly by the script (snake bitten) developing plots give you that deep inside feeling that it doesn't matter what we do crazy off the wall events will wreck it. Especially after that Oakland game.

4. Sanders: Huge (tough) catch to extend the game winning drive.

5. Vick: Needs gloves

6. Ben: I always feel confident Ben can get it done in the end.

7. Five minutes of Funk: That last (5+ minute) drive is what I'm talking about in number 6. Ben and A. Brown with the huge connection on 3rd and 12.

8. D-Line: Once again I'll say...they did much better. They made life easier for the Linebackers and had two of the three sacks.

9. Harrison: He didn't show up in the stat line directly, but his return is a good part of bullets 2 & 8.

10. Troy: It is never good when you get injured and you were just walking. As I was driving through Nashville, C. Johnson's gold grill was shining in my eyes. He's Troy's favorite meal.

11. Ike: I like Ike. I also think he has the skills to be able to play the ball more often. I really think if he gets his head around he gets plenty more picks. That's my opinion.

12. Suisham: Ok, I don't know why but I still get nervous when there is time left and they let it go to put the game on his foot. Once again he Squeezed 'em through. Can he kick it? Yes he can.

13. Worilds: Great job by him. I had to mention him because he was very active and spent some time disrupting the Eagles' backfield. Once again also give a hand to the D-line.

14. Foote: Two fumble recoveries.

15. This one is yours. Fire away Bat Benatar. I'm tired

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