Thanks for a game, observations on the Steelers from an outside perspective

Well guys, you won. Fair and square is debatable but that's neither here nor there and you guys get the W in the end, Putting the Steelers to 6-3 and the Chiefs drop to 1-8 (Ouch!).

Last night was a low scoring defensive game, as was expected from these two teams. It's weird, but no matter how good the Steelers are and no matter how bad the Chiefs are, dating back to the 70's we always seem to give you guys a run for your money and vice versa. Both teams had their fair share of stupid mistakes and bad penalties, though I tend to think we got less breaks (but once again, doesn't exactly mean much). Here is what I saw from last nights game...

First off, I am sorry for how the Chiefs acted.

Seriously, guys? What the hell? We're normally a classy team, and you're 1-8. You don't get to do a coordinated sack dance, a predetermined touchdown celebration, or HOLD THE FUCKING BALL OUT ON A TOUCHDOWN THAT YOU DIDNT EVEN GET (Though once again, that holding call was horse dung). It was embarrassing. I am glad that they were playing with fire and passion and aggressiveness, but it goes past being physical and playing angry and acting like children.

Second, I'm totally right about stuff

Some of you may remember that I said that you will not have a good day on the ground because Kansas City is much better on defense than you may have anticipated due to their stats looking like garbage. But they swarmed to the ball, dished out hits, and held their ground against a Steelers run offense that many suspected would have a field day against us.

I also told you to expect a close, competitive game like last year or 2009. I said to look for a grind it out, smashmouth game with a lot of rushing attempts and lots of hitting. And we got it.

However, I said we would have 3+ turnovers and thankfully we only had one, and that wasn't even in regulation. Goes to show that when they limit turnovers the sky really is the limit for this team.

Third, Lawrence Timmons is pretty much a badass.

Guys, I don't say this too often about members of opposing teams but that guy is something else. Watching him play, shooting gaps, dropping back in coverage, shutting down the run, reminds me exactly like a smaller Derrick Johnson. You guys gotta pay that man.

Fourth, the Chiefs still have life.

Too bad it had to come so late.

I think it's obvious the Steelers came into this game overlooking KC.

Even the guys on Monday Night Countdown pretty much discounted this game entirely. The Steelers were looking ahead to the Ravens game and because of that came out unprepared and gave up an early lead (thanks for that, BTW. We REALLY needed one). Thankfully Matt is bad and couldn't provide any balance in the second, but they had to go into overtime against a team with 1 win. Shape up, guys. We all know you're better than that.

Just a fact, the Chiefs v. Ravens and Chiefs v. Steelers games were remarkably similar.

Thats gotta mean something right? Both games the Chiefs severely limited Matt, ran the ball effectively, and played outstanding defense and Matt still gave it away. Not to mention both were only won by 3 points...

I think it's obvious both teams are better than last night.

That game was exciting but ugly, ugly, ugly. Steelers were getting hurt too often, making bad plays, didnt seem to be playing angry, and the Chiefs just had stupid mistakes like 6 dropped balls. Seriously, 6. Bowe, that's the reason we don't want to pay your punk ass, not to mention sticking out the ball as a taunt.

The Steelers running game may have been a bit hyped leading up to this game.

Thats all I heard about coming into yesterday. "Steelers have had this great string if games on the ground! Their line has been great and the running backs are like interchangeable!" Well, I for one didnt buy the hype (Look above) and it appears to have proved my point as no runner aside from Ben had more than 3 YPC. Not to say they cants have good games and that they aren't good, but probably not quite as good as I was led to believe.

James Harrison sort of appears to have disappeared.

I've always sorta liked Harrison the player because I like guys who are really mean, physical. But did he even have a tackle last night? Albert shut him down. Branden is pretty damn good but that is not the Harrison I remember. He couldn't rush the passer, was getting blown off the ball, bad deal. Woodley didn't have a good game against Winston either (sort of, expected-ish), but he made some plays. Harrison needs to get out of this funk, because Pittsburgh isn't Pittsburgh without him.

You definitely missed Polamalu.

Maybe not to much in pass coverage but definitely run support. I can remember multiple times when Hillis or Jamaal just dropped it on whoever was back there and got multiple yards after contact.

Y'all also missed Antonio Brown.

To replacement corner Javier Arenas' credit, he had a damn good game. But if you had Brown back there burning him ( he ain't very fast) this game coulda gotten ugly a lot earlier in your favor.

All in all, thanks for a great game, thanks for the hospitality on your site and intelligent discussion and I bid you good luck against the Ravens (because screw them!).

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