Look in the Mirror Part 2

Pittsburgh SteelersSteelers vs Browns coverageLast year when the Steelers were in a slump I wrote my first post ever due to frustration, so now since it is one year later and my frustration is once again maxed out I wanted to write a part 2.

I feel very fortunate that I was unable to watch the game beacuse I would imagine that with the lack of anything positive from the offense I would have broke something in my TV room.

The Steelers demise this season started a long time ago not only with their usual losses to inferior teams like Oakland and the Titans that seem to plague Pittsburgh every year.



We hands down let go a great slot wide receiver in Hines Ward. Yes his play had diminished but was still a very valuable source in crucial situations like ball control. Now as we all look back what other receiver has heled our situation out in the slot?

Did we really feel that a backup QB that had a losing record as a starter and several injury issues and a QB that is well past his prime were our teams answers when we know that usually we will be without Ben possibly at least one game. Would we have been better suited to go with a younger more mobile QB in one of the 2nd or 3rd slot, why 'no prime or past prime" in both slots?

Consistency is such an important part of any team sport and I realize that injuries have been tough in our running back corp but the constant changing of the backs week after week because a decision cant be made on who is our real running back is. Lets figure out a plan and give them all the work and support they need to be successful. "The Next Man Up" idea would be great if the talent was their and the practice rep time. Is carrying this high number of running backs giving our top prospects the time they need or even the confidence necessary that there team is their for them?

My biggest concern is the lack of overall concentration and discipline. In any profession no matter if your a coach, manager or supervisor to get top performance you must lead, mentor and motivate your team and give them the best knowledge, tools and plans to create success. 3 losses to subpar teams is not making sure your team is focused week by week.

Defense, Defense, Defense

At least as a Steelers Fan I always have a defense to feel good about. No matter how this season started the coaching and the players adjustments over these weeks have been a work of art. Congrats to all the guys on defense and coaching for taking a task where you have been put in bad situations of field position and rise to the occasion to hold teams from running away with the game. A defense that Steelers Fans can be proud of.

Final Thought:

Todays game against the Browns was a loss that is hard to swallow, lets not even take that we are down to are 3rd string QB and our 4 running backs could not hang on to a ball to save their life. The game was their to win for the Steelers and the "Next Man Up" only depends on who the next man is. Did we really believe that the team is positioned correctly with a signal caller that can get the job done when the chips are down or did they just really hope that they would not need to test their theory?

Coaches take a look in the mirror you can have a philosphy of not making excuses and you play with the healthy ones but are the healthy ones the players that needed to be their?

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