Looking into the future....... QB position

When Ben went down, I figured, okay, we will be alright if the defense plays well, we get some big plays out of our special teams, and we get "decent" play from our QBs.

What has happened? Our defense has been outstanding! Our special teams has got us into holes and given up points! And our QB play has been horrid!

It is now a fact, Leftwich can not stay healthy, he can not. Charlie, he is not the answer as a back-up or an emergency back-up either! Having all this "experience" on the bench is fine, but it needs to produce when given a chance. It has to produce when given the chance!

This coming off-season, both Byron and Charlie are free agents. Both are aging players, and is it wise to have players this old and this fragile behind Ben? I believe it is time to move on, I believe we should be looking now for someone who can not only fill in for Ben, but to groom to. Ben is our QB, and hopefully he will be for a long time to come, but can we depend on him to stay healthy? We need to have a viable alternative behind him for when he can't play a game because of injury. For when he will miss multiple starts as he has this year and in the past.

I would do what Green Bay did with Favre and Aaron Rodgers. And I would do it this year, I would not wait by avoiding it and bringing back Bryon and Charlie.

So, I would let those guys go, and I would look to draft someone with the same attributes as Ben. Big, mobile, can make all the throws. Further, I would not draft one guy, I would draft two! We should be carrying three QBs, so I would bring in two, let them get some QB coaching, some reps in training camp and some preseason action and let them drive each other. Competition is a good thing. They should also bring in smart guys, and not high draft choices, as they need to know their place on the team and be able to pick up the play book quickly, be able to be coached and pick up things without the benefit of a lot of reps during the season.

With those criteria, I would look at these guys, maybe in the 5th rounds or later. Mike Glennon, NC State; Sean Renfree, Duke and Collin Klein, KSU. I am intrigued by all of them, for different reasons.

Glennon is a big kid, his accuracy is not where it should be, but he has all the tools. With the right coaching, can he mature and grow as a QB?

Mike Glennon's stats

Klein, he reminds me of Ben in how he is a big guy who can extend plays. Now, while he runs way more than Ben, he can make something out of nothing, and I think I would rather see him back there taking on Cleveland trying to win a game instead of Charlie back there trying not to lose one. He has a funky movement in his delievery, can this be something that can be coached out of him? Can he be an adequate back-up for Ben in the years ahead?

Collin Klein's stats

Renfree? He is the one I would like to have into camp the most. This kid is a tall, drop back passer. He has a strong arm and can make all the throws. He can work through progressions and find the open receiver. He also has been coached by David Cutcliffe at Duke, the same guy that coached Peyton Manning at UT and Eli Manning at Ole Miss! In his third year as a starter, Renfree's passer rating and completion percentage have improved each year.

Sean Renfree's stats

Well, these are just my thoughts on the whole QB mess we find ourselves in. Looking forward to getting feedback, and please be kind. :)

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