Driveby Report: "Howya Like Me Now?" Edition

I was a little nervous that the storm gave the Giants a giant advantage. Speaking of storms, that made this game remind me of Those Desert Storm sorties we flew. We flew in bombed the crap out of the and flew home all in one day. This was also a statement game. It was a statement game for the Steelers as well as Mike Wallace. Now Mike and the Steelers have a question for you: "how you like me now?"

Now lets get this party started right. Let's get this party started quickly. Locked and loaded

1. Red man: he hears your chatter and asks you, "Have you not heard of my legend?" Believe...

2. Wallace: you showed me bro. You also prophesied..take the short ones and make them long. They canceled the New York Marathon but you took a brisk run past fellas wearing NY hats.

3. Rainey: Smooth as silk, small in stature with the heart of a lion and the grace of a gazelle. Get well soon bro.

4. A Brown: it really hurt not having him in the clutch, but the fellas stepped up. Get well soon AB

5. Fake FG: I'm not a fan. Suisham wins games with his right leg, not both

6. Sanders: Shows we are stacked a WR. Big TD, Great kick returning, though he got stoned by the punter's "People's Pinky"

7. Clark: I have to give him props every game it seems. He creates many alligator arms and serves up more ribs than Texas Roadhouse. If if those ribs are in a helmet.....

8. Foote: I'm impressed. I even give him an A for effort covering Bennett when he prolly shouldn't have been.

9. Ike: even after I saw it was Ike that intercepted that ball, I had to hear someone say it before I believed it. Great play.

10. Lewis: now that's what I'm talking about. The difference this year is the difference between Willie Gay and Lewis. Can you say serious upgrade? The officials were so accustomed to bad coverage he surprised the officials into calling interference when he recovered and actual made a great play.

11. Will Allen: I'm giving our Wayne Warrior some props again. He's holding it down for us while we wait for Troy.

12: Penalties: say what you want, we got worked over.

13. Oline: great job considering who they were up against. I wonder if they got away with murder because I didn't see much laundry on offense. They made up for it on our defense if so.

14. Domination: This was about as close as a game came be seeing how the Steelers dominated the Giants. The defense shut down a pretty good offense. Eli had time but those "great wide receivers" couldn't get free. The run offense dominated the Giants' front seven.

15. I'm out of words for now. I didn't write down my notes during the game because I wa too ticked. I'll probably remember something's later but the fun of this is leaving you a bullet to blast with.

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