Smooth Jimmy Apollo makes his NFL Week 15 picks


Some real snoozers on this week's tilt, but a few decent ones too. Smooth Jimmy makes all his picks, aiming for his weekly goal of being right 52 percent of the time.

Bengals 26, Eagles 17

Smooth Jimmy is against the Bengals this weekend. He's against the Bengals most weekends. This one, and the next one, in particular.

He does, though, think the Bengals will win. That's unfortunate.

Falcons 27, Giants 24

Epic battle of two of the league's best between-weeks teams in the NFL. Notice how Roddy White isn't pining for the media to give them more respect now? That's because it's the Giants turn to pull off a big late-season win making people think they're on their way back. Atlanta's gonna take this one.

Green Bay 34, Chicago 20

Smooth Jimmy would be willing to bet a fight breaks out in this game. A hair-pulling, shoulder-slapping fight between one of the softest defensive teams in the NFL (Green Bay) and another team that's lost four of five.

Washington 24, Cleveland 6

Browns fans get braver and braver now they've experienced a winning streak that can't be chalked up to coincidence. That ends this week.

Minnesota 17, St. Louis 10

Miami 10, Jacksonville 3

New Orleans 44, Tampa Bay 34

Baltimore 28, Denver 24

Predict the Headline contest for Baltimore Beatdown on Monday: "No, really, Joe Flacco IS elite! For this week!" or "Jim Caldwell is the greatest offensive coordinator in the NFL" (double points if there really are exclamation points and/or periods in the headline, and quadruple points if the story begins with "Well,".

Houston 31, Indianapolis 13

Watch the Mighty Arianseses fall back to earth.

Seattle 23, Buffalo 10

Detroit 17, Arizona 9

Has this been blacked out yet?

Panthers 30, Chargers 23

This one has been blacked out.

Steelers 24, Cowboys 21

The Steelers veterans pay extra attention to certain players in practice this week. If Brett Keisel and James Harrison aren't thinking you're practicing hard, they will correct you painfully. Expect a far more consistent team this weekend (Pittsburgh Steelers tickets).

Kansas City 10, Oakland 7

New England 34, San Francisco 10

You have faith in Colin Kaepernick on the road against a Patriots defense that's remembering how to hit people? Really?

Tennessee 20, Jets 12

Did ESPN schedule this game because they give Gruden a challenge? How is he supposed to BOTH gush about the outstanding play of either of these teams, plus sit down with either Jake Locker or Mark Sanchez talking about how great of players they are? Be sure to call and complain if he does nothing but focus on how "competitive" they are as players. That's a cop-out.

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