Children should never have to know that monsters are real

This is the line I read as a tweet by Vincent Frolich [@vinfro], retweeted by Albert Breer. I read it as I was just catching up on the details of the horrific event that took place, just returning home from work for the day. Honestly, I'm at a loss for words on the situation, outside of that the thought makes me physically ill; and angry.

I'm angry because I agree with Mr. Frolich. Anyone who is a parent died a little inside upon hearing the news, as they tried to imagine their child in place of those present. What has become of the human race?

Violence predates history, but what brings human beings to do such things? While sometimes violence can be understood, in cases of self-defense or crimes of passion; these circumstances usually involve consenting adults responsible for their own selves and actions. Unfortunately, children's lives and futures have become consequences of the willful acts of lowlife scum.

The news of the violence in Connecticut comes only weeks after the nation learned of Javon Belcher's brutal murder of his girlfriend, followed by his cowardly suicide as his coworkers watched involuntarily. A Cleveland Browns employee also killed himself on the same day, although in his case his was the only life lost.

As a result of Belcher's actions, his young child lost its parents without knowing why. Some day that child will start asking questions. Some day, that child will learn the truth.

Even during war, efforts are taken to ensure children are spared. Children have no part in the affairs of men. Children do not lust for political power. Children do not care about territorial boundaries. They do not spend their allowances developing weapons of mass destruction. They are innocent. They are new life, with years of emotion, knowledge, and wisdom ahead of them.

When did we stop respecting human life? Especially, those who have not yet barely lived?

If you have children, be grateful that they are alive and well. Love them. Protect them.

Teach them what to do about strangers. No child wants an overbearing parent, but when situations such as these are taking place, fears become confirmed. Appreciate every second you have with them, because you never know what can happen.

If you've ever had a parent, appreciate the fact that you had the opportunity to know them, and hopefully not for reasons like Belcher's child.

If you are reading this, and you have thought, or are thinking about hurting yourself, or someone else. Please seek help. For every action, there is an equal, and opposite reaction. It never affects just you, or the person you harm; it always hurts someone else, whether you think it will or not. The world is not going to be a better place just because someone died. The only way it gets better is if we stop making it need fixing.

There is no shame in seeking help. In fact, it deserves respect; respect for having the decency to stop someone from becoming an unnecessary victim, especially when you may be the only one to know. People don't deserve to die. Vengeance serves nothing. Murder teaches nothing to a victim, they're dead. Taking a life to teach someone else a lesson is cowardly. That person's family doesn't deserve to lose a member because someone had issues.

If you suspect someone you know of being capable of such despicable actions, report it. When lives are at stake, you may be the only one in a position to stop it. Hesitation could mean the difference between life and death for someone else, that is probably loved by somebody else.

Maybe it really does have to do with gangsta rap music, gun blazing movies, and Mortal Kombat, desensitizing us to violent thoughts; but in the end we are responsible for our actions. You're the only one steering you. In the end, you are the one making the decisions.

I know Steeler Fans are the most intelligent folk in all the world, and that we've got good heads on our shoulders, at least to this effect. Appreciate your team for its emphasis on character when selecting personnel. Be grateful that we don't have Belcher incidents.

These incidents need to come to an end. Life, as we know it, is at stake. There is no Superman, to fly in the window and save the day. First response members are only human. They can only move so fast, and there is only so much they can do. They do not possess magic potions, or the ability to turn back time. They can only deal with the aftermath and bring justice to the offenders when possible.

The only ones who can stop it is ourselves, and that choice must be made within. Parents, raise your children to love, and not to hate. Teach them to respect the right of all living things to live without fear. Teach them to accept responsibility for their actions. Teach them healthy ways to deal with emotional responses. Teach them not to bully. Teach to not allow themselves to be bullied. Earn their trust and confidence, by teaching them how to communicate.

Our future generations depend on it.

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