Top 10 Disappointments in the 2012 Season

10. Ray Rice's Contract

I love the Steelers therefore I hate the Ravens and therefore I hate Ray Rice. So I was pretty gleeful about the sticky contract situation. The Ravens depend on RR the way the Vikes depend on All Day. I bet Ray could've gotten a 5yr 60mil contract with 35 guaranteed if he'd've stuck with his guns. Sadly, he seems like a nice guy and not at all interested in derailing the franchise.

9. Injuries

I know it's part of the game, but can't I be bummed about them? Ben never got back on track, the O-line never got into a groove. The Defense was severely hampered. Ugh.

8. Ike Taylor

I've disliked Ike for quite a while. I get that it takes a lot of balls and swagger to compete in the NFL, but his nonsense after so many plays put me off. Then he went out and had an undeniably great year last year. I finally forgave him. Then the last play in the playoffs happened and that seemed to carry over into the new season and then he was injured. Ike, why don't you want me to like you?

7. Haley's Reception

I didn't like Haley as a headcoach, but I thought he'd be fine as an OC. I liked the offense this year and hope Haley will be back. What I didn't like was Ben's pouting about Arians leaving and his coolness toward the team's offense.

6. Antonio Brown

I'm a heightist, at least when it comes to football. I don't like little people on the field. I still get irate whenever I see Stefan Logan. But Brown won me over with his tough play last year and I was genuinely excited to see what he'd do this year. Underwhelmed.

5. Woodley's Not Great Year

Where my big year at? Eh?

4. Mendenhall

I've never been high on Mendy. I think he's got great speed, but he lacks toughness and that edge that drives great footballers. I'm against drafting RBs high so I haven't exactly been calling for replacements, but I'm disgusted with him. I won't miss him.

3. Mike Wallace

I like Mike. Or did. He hasn't looked right all year, poor route running, drops, rookie mistakes. I won't miss him.

2. Tomlin's Game management

It bothers me that so many professional coaches don't know how to manage a game. Tomlin is far from the worst, but some of his decisions throughout the year have been poor to indefensible. I see Tomlin as primarily a motivator, but too often this year the team doesn't not look ready to play. Sloppiness is a sign of bad coaching.

1. Ben's play

For quite a few years I defended Ben as being one of the top five QBs in the league. Brady, P. Manning, Brees, Ben, Rodgers. But now you have to put Eli, Matt Ryan, Rivers, Romo (yes, since 06 Romo has more completions, yards, TD and fewer turnovers) all in front of Ben. An argument could be had over Flacco, Dalton, and Stafford. Luck certainly looks like he could jump Ben soon too.

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