SB Nation's NFL editors give out their end-of-the-year league awards

Scott Halleran

The SB Nation NFL editors nearly got all the postseason awards right. They just missed out on MVP.

The SB Nation NFL editors each recently voted for their MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year and Executive of the Year.

Yours truly voted in each of these categories, and while my esteemed colleagues got nearly all of them right, they missed out on the big one:


I'm willing to give full disclosure on this, partially because I should and partially because I want to be That Guy, who says he's giving full disclosure on something no one is likely to care what I think.

Below is the SB Nation winners and in parentheses are my selections for each category.

SB Nation Vote

MVP: Peyton Manning (Adrian Peterson)

Offensive Player of the Year: Peterson (Peterson)

Defensive Player of the Year: J.J. Watt (Watt)

Rookie of the Year: Robert Griffin III (Griffin)

Executive of the Year: John Elway (Elway)

In defense of my MVP pick, Peterson was - at the time of the vote - charging toward Dickerson's record, and with him followed a mediocre talent Vikings team heading full steam to the playoffs.

Do you realize Minnesota beat both San Francisco and Houston this year? Do you honestly think they can't run all over Green Bay tomorrow, setting up a rematch in the first round of the playoffs?

And Manning's neck injury is compelling and all, and I get how much more important quarterbacks are to every other species on the planet, but behind him sits a Broncos defense that remains largely intact from a unit that drug Tim Tebow's arm into the playoffs last season.

Don't add to Manning's performance this year because no one paid attention to how good Denver's defense was last year. And while you're at it, find a situation in NFL history in which a player at the level of Tebow's being replaced by a good to outstanding passer didn't result in a few more wins.

Then, find a running back who came off major knee surgery, and in roughly 53 weeks, rushed for 2,000 yards while leading a team to what could be a six game - SIX GAME - improvement from one year to the next.

The only even hypothetical situation I can think of would be to replace Christian Ponder with Peyton Manning next year. Granted, put Ponder on the Broncos they're not the favorite to win the Super Bowl. Put Manning on the Vikings, though...scary.

The Vikings don't have the defense Manning does. Wide receiver Percy Harvin was injured, leaving the Vikings as an NFL team to which the Cleveland Browns can finally claim to rival in terms of players at that position. The defense, while decent, is not outstanding.

Peterson has had to do everything on that team. I can't imagine any player being more valuable.

But I'm fine with a split vote.

Weigh in on who has been this year's MVP and why by clicking here.

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