Driveby Report: Don't call it a comeback Edition

What can I say about Old school Gangsta Charlie? LL said it best. Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years! Old man Charlie gets ticked off and makes a statement: "Get off my lawn punks!" This game was a gut check and it ended in a final kick to the groin by Suisham.

All I could think after this game was Charlie goin old school and "Momma "Rollett" said knock you out!" Ok folks let’s get this thing in gear. Locked and loaded!

1. Charlie Batch: He missed some throws but managed the game well. He discovered what Ben knows all along. Throw the ball to Heath! On a side note.... Batch 25/36 for 276 yards 1 TD, 1 INT.....The "elite" Flacco 16/34 for 188 yard 1TD, 1 INT. Just sayin

2. Heath: Balla extraordinaire

3. Dwyer: No...stop it. He is not the bus. However, I do like what I see. By the way, you may or may not know this but some clown after the draft said that Dwyer would be the biggest bust of the draft. Yes, the whole draft. Are you serious? No seriously, they said a 6th round runningback would be the biggest bust of the draft.

4. Suisham: Maybe I need to trust you more.

5. Rainey: One word for Rainey "Smooth". Man he is just smooth.

6. Deebo: I can tell he's getting better. He's getting his leverage back. This is a good thing my friends.

7. Keenan: Hey Keenan...Keenan...Aw there it goes! Holdin it down. It's all that. I don't know how many will understand what I just wrote. He filled in well rotating over to "Swaggin's" spot.

8. Cortez Allen: Listen...covering Boldin is quite a task. They tried to pick on him, but got mixed success. If Ike is out for a while it will be interesting to see how he does with starting reps in practice.

9. Troy: Troy looked like he is still recovering mentally. It also looked like they changed his role a bit. He seemed to be thinking a lot and not playing by instinct as he normally does. I look to see him get it back soon.

10. Ziggy: Deebo jacks Flacco of his loot and Ziggy gets paid.

11. Hampton: Man those ankle-biting linemen of the Ravens really affect him. Have you ever noticed that after someone ticks him off, he completely blows up linemen? After Leach pancaked him, he almost drove someone into Flacco's lap.

12. Foote: In a word, consistent.

13. Negativity: Whew, I'm so glad we didn't fire our coaches last week. I'm also glad we didn't get rid of old Charlie and pick up Jeff George. I'm also glad the coaches held onto the ball this week and didn't fumble 20 times. Good thing we weren't playing the Browns again huh? Hey Nancy, where ya at?

14. P.I. Offense: Ok before anyone says it. Yes, the stats don't show the pass interference yards (which the Ravens thrive on) but the scoreboard shows only one TD resulting from passes.

15. Terrible Towel: Hey lil Ray, wear this terrible loss like a terrible towel.

16. John Harbaugh: You acted up in Pittsburgh and you want to get mad because Tomlin doesn't give you love? Suck it up. You and your brother had great weeks by the way. Oh and you two win with "class" and it seems you lose with the same "class".

17. This bullet is yours: Please don't shoot the Ravens fans with it.

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