Rooting for the Broncos to lose vs cheering for the Raiders to win

My first post. Be gentle...

"Manning to the endzone...Intercepted at the goal line by Allen!"

As I jumped to my feet and cheered, my imaginary friend kicked me in the nethers and cussed "Cheerin for the Raiders! What is your malfunction?". I kicked back but the end result was akin to Charlie Brown's placekick fiasco sommersault.

Speaking to thin air "I'm not cheerin for the Raiders to win. I'm rootin for the Broncos to lose..."

[cue pin drop...and another...]

As I sat watching the TNF matchup between the Broncos at Raiders, I couldn't help but reflect on my true inner feelings. I'm an emotional guy (cancer star sign on the cusp of Leo) and analyzing how I feel at any particular moment given certain external stimuli is an addictive habit of mine. External stimuli in this case being playoff impacting NFL games. But I digress.

As a Steelers fanatic, I feel my emotional investment in our team extends to rooting for game losses of potential playoff roadblocks that the Steelers might have to deal with as this crazy (I really mean cray-zeeee) regular season nears its end. And further to my fanatical state, I view it as my duty to give emotional and time investments into watching every single snap of teams that the Steelers might have to play when (not if) we make it to the playoffs. For one just to study these opponents and send mental telepathy notes to Coach T, for another to root against those teams in our way.

All this said, I spend way too much time watching football. And am emotionally taxed after games that shouldn't really be given much more of my time or energy other than reading a quick tweet about it the next day (or watching NFL game day highlights).

I could easily ponder these feelings and words for several more hours in the void of my own mind as I sit on the beach here in Thailand, but what's the Internet for but to blast your random thoughts out to the World Wide Web (does anyone even use this phrase anymore?). My questions include, but aren't necessarily limited to:

(1) Anyone else out there as crazy as I am?

(2) Consider our realistic spot of 5th playoff wildcard, I would rather play in Foxborough or M&T than go out to Mile High. What scenarios after week 14 do we need in terms of wins/losses for this to happen. Would be a shame not to have therealRyanClark out on the field....flashbacks making me twitch... Ur thoughts?

(3) best soul food game watching snack ? (Citrus flavored Jelly Belly's)

(4) best post game "need to let off steam" activity. (Madden - to prove my play calling rules!)

(5) twirling motion of terrible towel (clockwise on offense, counterclockwise on's only weird if it doesn't work!)

thank you and much love out to Steeler Nation

P.s. shameless grovel...I'm on twitter @viewfrom22...

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