If I was Kevin Colbert I would

After all the work I put in analyzing the top 3 rounds of draft targets and the potential free agents, I have decided to now tell you all what I would do if I was Kevin Colbert.


  • Casey Hampton (unless he will restructure down to around the vet minimum) - If Casey Hampton won't let the Steelers redo his contract to something near the vet minimum, he has to be cut. I am assuming he won't do that as it is a massive pay cut and he could likely get $4 to $5 million from another team.
  • Chris Kemoatu - Kemoatu is awful and needs to be replaced. Cutting him and saving the money is the best move the Steelers could make.
  • Anthony Madison - Madison is a great ST player but with the emergence of Curtis Brown, Stevenson Sylvester, and other young players, their is no room for him on the roster. Cut him and save about $1 million dollars.
Restructure/Pay Cut
  • Hines Ward (to almost the vet minimum) - If Hines is unwilling to take a massive pay cut to about the vet minimum, he would move up to the cut category. However, I think he will do it and serve a purpose as a blocking WR and a #4/#5 WR.
  • James Farrior - Farrior can still bring it and if we can get him under $2 million for this year, he should be kept. His leadership can't be replaced with anybody.
  • Larry Foote - Foote for the vet minimum is what we need. As a backup LB and a ST player as well as a leader in the locker room, he is an invaluable member of the Steelers.

Not Resign

  • Dennis Dixon - Dixon is a bum who does not want to be in Pittsburgh.
  • Max Starks - Starks should not be resigned until the Steelers know he is healthy. It is unlikely anyone else signs him so if we need a LT in September, we could sign him again.
  • Charlie Batch - Batch has been a great member of the Steelers and has been fantastic when called upon but we need to get a younger backup QB in the mix.
  • Jerricho Cotchery - Cotchery will likely want to go somewhere where he can start or be a #3 WR and that is not in Pittsburgh. If he is willing to play the #4 WR spot, maybe you resign him.
  • Aaron Smith - Smith will likely retire but if he does not, the Steelers won't be bringing him back.
  • Bryant McFadden - McFadden contributes almost nothing to the Steelers.
  • Daniel Sepulveda - Sepulveda is a great punter but is always injured and Kapinos had a great year last year.
  • Trai Essex - Essex is a good, versatile backup but he does not need to be signed right away. If we get into the season and injuries pile up, the Steelers could give him a call and resign him.
  • Mewelde Moore - Moore has been a good 3rd down back but it is time to move on. Batch is a younger option and the Steelers are deep at RB.


  • Mike Wallace - Wallace has to be kept. Whether they work out a long term deal or not does not matter. I think Todd Haley could make him even better than he already is.
  • Ramon Foster - Foster is a borderline starting quality guard and he should be kept. His best value is as a backup guard and that is what he will be paid to be.
  • David Johnson - Johnson serves his purpose as an H-Back/TE#2 and they could keep him for the minimum most likely.
  • William Gay - Gay was one of the better nickel corners in the NFL last year and he should be resigned. A 2 or 3 year deal for about $5 million seems like fair value.
  • Keenan Lewis - Lewis had an awesome year as the #2 CB and finally showed why the Steelers picked him in the 3rd round.
  • Doug Legursky - Legursky is a great backup OG/C and he should be kept.
  • Ryan Mundy - Mundy had a good season filling in for both Polamalu and Clark when needed and should be resigned. I like him as a future starter.
  • Byron Leftwich - Leftwich should be brought back for the veteran minimum to compete for the QB #2 spot.


  • Josh Johnson, QB, Tampa Bay - A contract of around 3 years $6 million very back loaded - Johnson be brought in to be a backup QB. He has the potential to possibly become a starter so he could end up being a valuable trade chip.
  • Kraig Urbik, OG, Buffalo - A contract of around 3 years $8 million - Colbert must make up for his sin of letting Urbik go. Urbik was one of the better guards in all of football last year but because he is a one year wonder, he might not be valued as such.
  • Sammie Lee Hill, NT, Detroit - A contract of about 4 years $12 million - Hill has shown potential to be a starting NT and with the depth and talent the Lions have at DT, they will probably let him go. It might cost us a late draft pick because he is restricted but it is worth it as long as it is not in the top 3 rounds.
  • Shaun Ellis, DE, New England - A one year vet minimum contract - Ellis can be brought in to be a backup DE (we only have 3 DE's on the roster) and a mentor to our younger DL. He probably wants to try and win a Super Bowl and what better place to do it?


  • Round 1 Pick 24 and Round 5 Pick 24 to the Philadelphia Eagles for Round 2 Pick 14 and Round 2 Pick 19 - The Steelers would be best off moving their first round pick either up or down. This is within 1 point on the trade value scale and would help both teams.


  • 2.14 - Brandon Washington, OG/OT, Miami - Washington is a versatile player who will likely be a guard at the next level. Pairing him with Urbik as our starting guards and with Legursky and Foster backing them up, the guard position would go from a weakness to a strength.
  • 2.19 - Ronnell Lewis, ILB, Oklahoma - Lewis is an athletic LB capable of covering RB's and TE's. He could play a year of special teams and limited defensive snaps while he learns the system.
  • 2.24 - Alameda Ta'amu, NT/DT, Washington - Despite signing Hill, the Steelers could use a guy like Ta'amu. With the Steelers going to more and more 4 man fronts, they could use a 2nd DT and Ta'amu can do it all. He can stop the run, and rush the passer.
  • 3.24 - Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech - Hill is a massive, athletic WR with all the tools to become a dominate guy. Haley and Ben would be running around and screaming for joy if the Steelers got Hill and Haley could turn him into the next Dwayne Bowe.
  • 4.24 - Brandon Taylor, S, LSU - Taylor is an athletic S that can play both spots. He is able to play ST and as a 4th safety, he has the potential to become a potential starter.
  • 6.24 - Blair Walsh, K, Washington - Walsh is the best kicker in the draft and his combination of accuracy and power will make him the next great Steelers kicker.
  • 7.24 - Edwin Baker, RB, Michigan State - Baker is a versatile back who could compete for that 4th RB spot with Jonathan Dwyer.
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