Mohamed Sanu Player Profile

Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 215

First Word: Did you really think I would start my player profiles with anyone but Sanu? Really? Well, Sanu is one of the top WR targets in the draft and has the size, speed, route running, and hands to become an elite WR in theNFL. He has broken numerous records in just three years at Rutgers, while never having a good QB.


Player Bio: Sanu came into his Junior season as a highly touted player. However, nobody could have expected him to break the Big East single season receptions record. Without a viable starting QB, he put up 115 receptions for 1206 yards and 7TDs. Some will view the low yards per catch as a weakness and knock him for his lack of top end speed, but in reality, that is totally not true. Due to Rutgers awful QB play, they had to have Sanu run short four to six yard patters to keep him involved. In Sanu’s freshman and sophomore years, he was used as a RB in the Wild Knight formation as well. Over the two years he ran 121 times for 655 yards and 9TDs so he is clearly versatile.

Notable Achievements: Sanu holds the all time Big East Single Season Receptions record with 115 in one season. He won the offensive MVP and Homer Hazel award for Rutgers in 2011. The Homer Hazel award is given to the team voted MVP. Sanu finished fifth in the nation in receptions in 2011. There was only one game in 2011 where he had less than five receptions and there was 6 games where he went over 10. When he faced Ohio, he set a Big East record for receptions in a game, finishing with 16. In his Junior Year, he was an All America selection.

Projected Draft Status: First Round

  • Sanu’s incredible season has inserted himself firmly into the first round of the draft. His stock ranges from 13 to 32 but he is widely considered a first round prospect. Any doubts about his speed will be answered at the Draft Combine when he runs in the 4.4′s.

Other Possible Early WR Picks: Justin Blackmon, Alshon Jeffery, Kendall Wright, Tommy Streeter, Nick Toon

Career Stats:

  • Freshman: 51 Receptions, 639 Yards, 3TDs, 62 rushes, 346 yards, 5TDs
  • Sophomore: 44 Receptions, 418 Yards, 2TDs, 59 Rushes, 309 Yards, 4TDs
  • Junior: 115 Receptions, 1206 Yards, 7TDs, 4 Rushes, -2 Yards, 0TDs
  • Total: 210 Receptions, 2263 Yards, 12TDs, 125 Rushes, 653 Yards, 9TDs

Video Highlights:

Sanu’s Strengths (in buzzwords):

  • Size
  • Good in jump-ball situations
  • Quick burst in short area
  • Quality Route Runner
  • Strong upper body allows him to easily fight through jams
  • Powerful legs
  • Great body control
  • Outstanding hands
  • Capable and good blocker
  • Team first player
  • Fearless when going over the middle
  • Can play out wide or in the slot
  • Experience in a Wildcat

Sanu’s Weaknesses (in buzzwords):

  • Lacks straight line speed (this is not true and will be proven at the combine but for now it is being listed as a weakness)
  • Will be a 23 year old rookie

Final Thoughts:

  • Sanu is, in my opinion, the second or third best WR in a very good draft class. He has all the tools to be a great WR in the NFL and excels in every important aspect of the game. Throw in his exceptional blocking skills (he is the best blocking WR in the draft) and the fact that he produced so much in college despite always being double and triple teams and having no QB and he looks like as good of a prospect at WR as their is in this draft. Add in a great attitude and a great work ethic and his stock gets even higher. Teams I could see targeting him are the Cardinals at 13, the Eagles at 15, the Jets at 16, the Bears at 19, the Titans at 20 (pair the two best Rutgers WRs of all time), the Steelers at 24, the Broncos at 25, the Texans at 26, The Patriots at 27/31, the Ravens at 29, the 49ers at 30, and the Giants at 32. Basically, any team in the latter half of the first round with some need at WR will target him because of his great work ethic and skills.

Originally Published at Draft Database

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