Bored with mock drafts and arguing over OC candidates? Then take a (s)troll with me and see what other sites are talking about (Part I)

With the lull before the Super Bowl storm, and no apparent Steeler Offensive Coordinator signing imminent, thought I'd break the monotony by sharing some of the topics of the day over at everyone's 2nd favorite blog site, DawgsByNature:

First, a feature article entitled "Dear Mary Kay Cabot", that asks Cleveland Plains Dealer Mary Kay Cabot, who replaced Tony Grossi in covering the Browns and takes over NE Ohio's Hall of Fame vote, not to abandon Grossi's position of blocking any attempt to induct Art Modell into the HOF. They just can't stop gnawing that old bone, can they?

Second, an ironic Fan Shot from one of DBN's more rabid and vulgar posters (pun intended), wherein he attempts to clarify an earlier post of his in which he questions whether the Cleveland players get a raw deal from the fans and media in that fine city. Here's the link to the Fan Shot

He links his posting to an article posted by a writer for "the" who uses wide receiver Quincy Morgan as an example of a Cleveland Brown (and formerly of Dallas, Pittsburgh and Denver) player who caught a lot of abuse (but apparently not many passes) during his time in Cleveland.

A couple of memorable quotes from that article:

On why perhaps Morgan wasn't successful in Cleveland: "Morgan doesn’t deny he dropped his share of passes. But was his share that much greater than a typical receiver’s - Cleveland or otherwise?

Interestingly, he also felt his pass-catching abilities improved once he left Cleveland because other teams put more of an emphasis on receivers actually catching balls in the offseason. With the Browns, he said, the primary focus was running and lifting weights, then you’d worry about synching up the hands once training camp started."

On what Morgan experienced when he went from the Browns to the Steelers: "Thus, when Morgan was re-teamed with former Browns offensive coordinator Bruce Arians in Pittsburgh, Arians told Morgan how much better his hands were than when he was in Cleveland. So maybe there’s some truth to the old chestnut about players suddenly improving once they leave C-Town. And maybe - just maybe - getting out of a rat’s nest of negativity has a little something to do with it."

What Morgan sees as a key difference between playing in Cleveland and Pittsburgh: “I love those guys, but Cleveland fans don’t give a shit about the players,” Morgan said. “They care more about the franchise.”....“When I went to Pittsburgh, I was welcomed with open arms,” he said. “In Pittsburgh, they love the players. They have the players’ backs night and day. Through thick and thin, those fans show up. It’s like football heaven.”

Here's the link to the entire article referenced in the Fan Shot:

Be sure to wear your kevlar before you go, and if you post, remember to get a rabies shot!

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