Mike Wallace to...

The Cleveland Browns? I don't want to lose Mike Wallace, but wouldn't this be about the best scenario we could ask for? Via ESPN's Grantland:

Pittsburgh Steelers

… to give up a first-round pick and take a shot at Mike Wallace. If we understand the rules right, a successful bid on Wallace would force the Browns to give up their selection — the fourth overall pick — and not the 22nd overall pick they received from the Falcons as part of the Julio Jones trade last year. Even with that in mind, such a move might be worth it. The Browns are reportedly considering Blackmon with the fourth pick, but wouldn't you rather have Wallace than Blackmon? Wallace will demand a higher salary and more money up front, but he's just 25 and has 3,000-plus yards of pro production. The Browns would also be taking away a star from their divisional rivals. If the Steelers match the offer, then the Browns have taken away all of Pittsburgh's cap space and can just go ahead and draft Blackmon (or whoever else they want) at no. 4.

If the Browns successfully pry Wallace out of Pittsburgh, then the Steelers would have the no. 4 pick and would be able to grab Blackmon, Claiborne, or USC left tackle Matt Kalil. They could also alternately trade down and grab multiple later picks, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for an organization that drafts and develops talent as well as the Steelers do.

Feeling froggy? Then jump.

So this makes a bit of sense in many ways. The Browns significantly reduce the risk of drafting a WR by effectively drafting Mike Wallace. The cap hit will probably run a bit higher, but not a bad move for Cleveland. Now this assumes that their #1 need is a WR.And if I'm anywhere near Lerner, Holmgren, Lug Groza or Marion Motley - I'm begging them to consider trading down for multiple picks. Then again, I'm hoping the Browns think that Wallace is an integral component to the team.

Also, this weakens the receiving corps of a divisional opponent. Again that's a big assumption. Oh Mr. Holmgren, please don't take Mike Wallace, please don't throw me in the briar patch.

So what if Holmgren is still chafed over the Steelers win over Seattle in SB XL? I can't imagine he's that foolish to think this would help the Browns and hurt the Steelers. But let's just assume he does:

Option 1a: I'm thinking Kalil goes to Minnesota, but do you think the Steelers could trade the browns #1 (4) and a lower pick maybe steelers fourth rounder? All of a sudden the offensive line looks VERY stout. The loss of a true burner will be minimized with the upgrade in pass protection. On a scale of one to 10, with one being an afternoon at a Raven's pep rally and 10 being all expense paid trip to Fiji with Mrs lloyd95, I'd give this a 75 (Joe Greene).

Option 1b: Minnesota rightly wants to retain the services of Mr Kalil, the Steelers are "stuck with" the #4 draft pick. At this point, we trade down to the high teens (how about the Bears looking for a WR for Cutler?) and still can pick up another stud, David DeCastro to pick up Alan Faneca's mantle? Plus they'd probably pick up at least a #2 and probably another lower pick. I believe we can shore up LB and DT with the remaining one and two #2s. So on a scale of 1 to 10 with one being an evening shaving Haloti Ngata's back and a 10 being dinner at the Duquesne club with The Rooney's and the Tomlin's, I'd give this a 47 (Mel Blount).

Option 2: Pittsburgh retains the #4 pick in the draft and selects Morris Claiblorn, CB. BPA This guy can lock them down and will go a long way towards making the Steel Curtain a true force of nature once again. With our #1 we can go with Hightower or maybe Devon Still. ON a scale of one to 10, with one being a 48 hour shut in with the Harbaugh brothers and a 10 being Mark Cuban's bank account, I'd give this a 20 (Rocky Bleier).

I have a lot more ratings than I do draft options, I'll have to drop them out at another opportune time. The bottom line is I'd LOVE for the Browns to take Mike Wallace, our team would be so much better for it.

Go Steelers!

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