Hump Day Mix 2.0: (Season’s teaser; St. Patrick’s Day version) Edition

Ladies and Germs, wow…Welcome back to the fire-starter! Hump Day Mix
pleaser/teaser to get the ball rolling, up until the Draft and onto the 2012
season. Thanks for tuning in, as you know you’re master of ceremonies Dub
, and 1BlkGldFan are back after a much debated hiatus (Arnie is
sitting out this round due to conflict with his schedule but he is with us in spirit)…we
wanted to bring the love and GREEN BEER!!! back here at BTSC with the star
studded eye-candy and play by play from the Celeb pick’s o’ the week, and
this week joining us is…Chachi and WV (give them a hand). So this being a
prelude of what are things to come…sit back and enjoy the show and as always
thank you Mr. Bean (Prez), BTSC and all of our blog supporters b/c without
your input…there wouldn’t be anything like this…well maybe…lol. Now let’s
get to the HUMP!!!

Here is what were feeling right now...props to my cousin Blake for making this...

Post Steelers Season Depression Disorder (PSSDD) from BPO Films on Vimeo.

What episode during the offseason has ticked you off/made you think/about
the Steeler's way of business?

What Up Yinz? It's Chachi (mom's favorite) back on the keys to wax and
talk poop regarding ball, beers, and bare-naked.

Chachi: First off The Standard is the Standard, 25/8. There is nary a move
The Pittsburgh Steelers make which I contest; they are the most consistent
franchise in the NFL for a reason. We may not like it, but 9 out of 10
times our ire is emotional, and emotions aren't business. That doesn't
erase a person's past accomplishments, but all things end. Yinz Nihilists
must dig me, Stoics too. Hines Ward was a great, and he may have another
year left in him, it's just not here. I'm cool with everything the
organization does. I trust. I never liked The Saints, Williams is an asshole. This is not as bad as Spygate but it's pretty bad. Only sad teams who need motivation (because
they are ass) do stupid shit like this (looking at You Baltimore... tic -
tic -tic - TICAL). If Goodell is truly pissed about this, as it does
compromise the integrity of the game, he will make an example. It'll be
nice to see what it looks like when his gavel breaks somebody else's ass.

Dia Beannaigh an teaghlach O'Ruanaidh agus Dia Beannaigh an Pittsburgh
(God Bless the Rooney Family and Gold Bless The Pittsburgh Steelers)

Drink like a Champion, Yinz! Sláinte

1BlkGldFan: I'm not gonna lie. I'm disappointed that Hines was released.
My head knows this move was best for the team overall and quite frankly, I
think I was expecting bigger moves LAST year. Has it made me rethink how
the organization is doing business? No. I admire the FO and Mikey T. for
being able to make the tough decisions and I trust them to always keep the
Steelers Way the top priority. After all, how many franchises have as many
long time players remain like the Steelers do. Not many... It's just going
to take some getting used to when #86 doesn't come out of the tunnel on
opening day.

WV: As I sit here and look at the off-season so far, none of these
decisions really make me question the Steelers' Way because all of these
moves are the Steelers' Way. I mean Franco did play his final year in

DubSleazy: In light of everything going on…I understand that these moves needed to be made. To build upon our tradition, we must infuse the youth and keep building through the draft. We will be facing a similar problem next year when ES and AB are free agents. For the betterment of the franchise and this organization some fat has to be trimmed. I was pissed when we let go of Hines, Farrior, and Smith but it had to be done. Kemo can rot for all I care…within the next 3 years, this will be a non-issue. Kevin Colbert, Khan and Rooney’s know what needs to be done for the success in the on-coming years.

Draft needs. What positions do we need to have players fill in/step up?

Chachi: I like Glenn as much as I like Hightower. I don't think Poe will be
there at 1.24 after his combine numbers. I'm probably wrong. I don't watch
college ball and I didn't watch the Combine. The Steelers have taken only
two Guards in the first round since 1996. Alan Faneca in 1996 and Kendall
in 2002. With the release of Kemoeatu the Steelers may go after
Glenn is he is still available. The dude is big and nasty. I dig that. If
the Scumbirds nab Hightower I can only hope he too falls down three flights
of stairs like a dumbass and misses his rookie season.
I think Keisel becomes the new Defensive Captain and Foote takes Farrior's
place in the middle. Foote called the plays vs NE while Farrior was out and
did a pretty good job. He's only 33 and has some gas left in the tank.
Hopefully Sylvester steps up and makes some noise this year.

1BlkGldFan: I don't follow college football much so the Combine and the Pro
Day's are really all I have to base my opinion on.. Well that and I rely
heavily on the outstanding contributions of BTSC members and the Mock drafts
(You guys don't even know how much I appreciate those.. Thank you!!)
Obvious needs are the O line and IMHO, another selection for the D line
(Poe, please!). ILB and secondary follow closely. Current players that
need to step it up and come into their own: Worilds, Sylvester, Gilbert.
I'm not saying they had bad years, I would like to see a more polished
version though. My hopes for Willie Gay are exceptionally high. I look for
him to have a great 2012.

WV: As look at needs for the team it all is up the middle. Guards, NT and
ILB. All of these positions either need guys that can come in and start day
one or can provide depth. Guard being where we need immediate upgrades and
NT and ILB where we need a guy to help us build for the future.

DubSleazy: What we need is obvious, o-line, nt, ilb, and cb…I believe we can draft all of our needs, in this draft. Call me crazy but let MW walk…I will explain later…Poe is a stud, so is Hightower and Glenn…if we could possibly acquire at least 2 of them we will set the tone…

Mike he gone? Or does he stay? And what will happen down the
road, if either or happen?

Chachi: I think Wallace stays. Mark Kaboly, who has covered The Pittsburgh
since 2001, Tweeted on March 5 To me, "Wallace to get a ton of play on RFA market" was absolutely plantedor "pitched" story by someone in Wallace's camp to national guys.
Of course this is speculation, but smart minds in the 412 think that The
Steelers called his 'bluff' by not slapping the franchise tag on him. I
think we will see a hopefully productive Mike Wallace where he belongs in
2012, in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform.

1BlkGldFan: Honestly, I don't see Wallace staying. I don't believe the
Steelers are going to come close to paying him the money he wants. I'd love
to see him long term with the black and gold, but I think it would take some
major convincing to keep him here. Ramifications? Maybe... but my heart
isn't going to be broken and I don't for a second see our "reason we'll win
another Super Bowl" leave with him if he does go. It would be a golden
opportunity for Antonio Brown (who IMHO is a better all around WR than
Wallace, anyway) and Manny Sanders who really seems to want this, badly.
Stay or go... I'm not losing sleep over Wallace.

WV: When it comes to Mike Wallace, I think he stays. Because the only teams
that need a true #1 are either high enough in the draft to trade up and get
one or in the same boat we are in terms of cap situation or are NE who
hordes draft pick like Gollum hordes the Ring.

DubSleazy: MW…let him walk, for this reason. We have 2 receivers in ES and AB who will be free agents next year, take another first rounder which could possibly go to drafting Poe, Glenn, or Hightower. Nabbing 2 like I said would set the tone. Kevin Colbert has a nack for finding talent, i.e. 5th round pick for HolmesAB. I am pretty sure he can work his magic again.

Big Ben and Todd Haley. Match made in Heaven? Or Hell? Thoughts?

Chachi : Haley is Ben's boss. I'd like to see the leash pulled a little
tighter to get to a place between the starched Cowher/Whisenhunt era and the
Arians 'Hey Ben, here's the keys, do some donuts and take it off some sweet
jumps' era. Haley is a great pick in my opinion. I think we need a little
fire on the sidelines. I'm a Haley guy.

1BlkGldFan: I think they're going to be just fine. Kevin Colbert made a
statement shortly after Todd Haley was hired that in a nutshell (and with
some translation) pretty much said, "We hired Todd Haley to run the Steelers
offense the way we want it to be run, not how he wants it to be run." Before
the end of camp, Ben is going to be a much happier camper with Todd Haley
than he expects to be. I like their chances to make it work.

WV: Big Ben Todd Haley, productive relationship that isn't always the
smoothest ride. But I think both will at least be able to work together
for the good of the team.

DubSleazy: I am for Todd Haley…the Todd Haley from the Zona years, not the KC years…if he can implement that style in which made Warner, Fitz, and the rest of that offense better. I am hoping he can do the same for BB. It will be a change of pace…and this is what we need.

Chachi: Now here's some Hot Redheads:







WV: Now for the fun stuff. In honor of St. Patricks day I shall be bringing

Gingers and nothing but to this part of the discussion.

First off Tara Jensen (aka Jensen Suicide)



Then. Opaque Suicide



Annalee Suicide also makes the cut


and to finish this off Evan Suicide, I like my girls to have tattoos.



DubSleazy: Bring the fire…I got the water to quench these FLAMES!!!







Well…this wraps up yet another HDM morsel…tune in next time…when the Mixery takes over the NFL Draft coverage…BTSC style…until then… Sláinte.

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