Steelers Sign a Fullback!

Okay well not exactly a fullback but a TE/H-back/Full-back player after the West Virginia Pro Day. The players name was Will Johnson. He actually came out for the draft last year but was not sign by any team. He participated in the Pro Day to hopefully impress some teams. During the work out the 6'2" 240lbs player ran a 4.49 40 yard dash and benched 30 reps of 225lbs. All accounts were that he looked "jacked". When he was done with the wor out he talked to Tomlin himself and was offered a contract.

Back Story:

Will Johnson was a TE/H-back for the University of West Virginia from 2007-2010. He decided to forgo his last year of eligibility to enter the draft. At the time he had some team interested in him. However during the lockout the teams could have no contact with him. Once the lock out ended he lost contact with the organizations.

To make money during the lockout he got three different jobs. He was an interior landscaper, working at a shipping warehouse and working with lighting technicians to install lights. He also did this while working out. Trough tough times he pushed himself and in last December he went in to a full time training.

"It was one of the toughest times I've gone through, honestly, with so much uncertainty and not knowing where you're going to end up or if you're even going to get a chance. The only thing I could do is just keep working at it," Johnson says.

What Changed?

Johnson says he credits the new results to the Cross Fit training program.

"I recommend that to anyone and everybody," says Johnson. "It definitely helped my body and you can tell. I only weigh one pound heavier than I did last year, but I look a lot bigger. I weighed in at 242 and last year I wasn't nearly as strong as I am this year."

This new program had his peers at the Pro Day buzzing about how ripped, and strong he looked. He reportedly ran his route very crisp and really impressed the Steelers scouts. It also helped that his former teammates Ryan Mundy, Morty Ivy and Wes Lyons (who signed the same day) were on the Steelers offseaosn roster.

Williams final thoughts on the signing,

"It's a blessing to be able to say I signed with the Steelers, so I'm going to take it and run with the opportunity...I plan on working harder now," he says. "It eases my mind that I'm actually working toward a specific goal now."

I took the time top watch some highlights from he WVU days here it one that highlights all of his skills. Will Johnson looks like another good story and an individual talent and may be able to give David Johnson a run for his money at the TE/FB/H-back position. Either way it is exciting to see a guy who can actually play FB on the roster. Anymore information of the guy would be highly appreciated.


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