Drafting in Herr Fuhrer's NFL

Sorry Steeler fan's I know we love our defense, but todays NFL dictator in charge - Rodger Goodell - no longer wants a defensive game. He will make rules, hand out fines and levy suspension that will continue to marginalize defenses and
promote offensive shootouts.

So in a game continually looking to promote offense, especially big play offense we need to focus our draft on offensive players. As I see it the Steelers most pressing needs then are:












Did I mention I think we should get a guard in the draft. We have a stud in Big Ben who is getting killed year after year because we can't protect him. Looks like we're going to keep Wallace for another year and with Brown and Saunders (and maybe even Cotchery if we're lucky) we are going to have some of the best receivers out there. I also love our running back situation, get a line in there that can actually open some holes and move guys off the line and just watch what our backs will do, with or without Mendy. IMHO we need to try to get two starters on the offensive line in this draft which means we should probably draft at least four lineman with at least two of them coming in the first three rounds.

Let me first give my reasons against two of the popular defensive names I have seen on many a Steeler fans wish list.

Dontari Poe - Every year somebody who didn't do much in college puts up some crazy numbers at the combine and then all of a sudden he becomes some stud prospect. Sure somebody will be seduced by the numbers but it won't be the Steelers.

Donte Hightower - We are already stupid rich at linebacker with former defensive MVP Harrison, pro bowler Woodley and first rounder Timmons. We could sign Betty White to replace Farrior and still have the best linebackers in the NFL. Do we really need to spend our number one draft pick to bolster our strongest position?

So here is my draft wish list for the first five rounds -

Round 1

David DeCastro - surely gone by 1.24

Cordy Glenn - most likely gone

Jonathan Martin - again most likely gone but I have seen him losing steam in some mocks

Peter Konz - should be there, can play guard and also gives us a good backup at center if Pouncy goes out again

Mike Adams - should be there, I thing he fits at RT and we can move Colon inside

Round 2

Alameda Ta’amu - very doubtful he lasts to us for our second pick

Kevin Zeitler

Kelechi Osemele

Amini Silatolu

Round 3

Josh Chapman

Zebrie Sanders

Jeff Allen

LeMichael James

Bernard Pierce

Round Four

Nate Potter

Senio Kelemente

Audie Cole

Nick Toon

Round Five

Lucas Nix

Brandon Brooks

Nicholas Jean Baptiste

Marvin McNutt

Past five rounds it gets pretty dicey on who might be available that has much of a shot to make the team. I would like to see the Steelers get a kicker at some point that can consistantly put kick-offs through the end zone for touchbacks. Another tight end could help and if we haven't gotten a receiver by this point I do like Derrick Moye as a big redzone threat.

But as you can see other than a NT I'd like us to really concentrate on the offense.

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