El Mock Magnifico 2012

Ah yes, El Mock Magnifico is finally here, with 2 weeks to go til the draft. One messican’s attempt to foretell the events to unfold in the upcoming 2012 draft. Much consultation with the Aztec God’s took place. I also tried hitting up the Mayan Gods, but they seem to be gearing up for some big event in November.

El mock as always represents a realistic view as to who will be available when the Steelers make their pick, using the help of sites such as CBS sportsline, ESPN, and Walter Football. Sure I could pick DeCastro in the 1st and Bobby Wagner in the 2nd, but come on now. A high emphasis is placed on individuals who represent the Steeler tradition (smart, tough-minded, hard-nosed, high effort characteristics). No trades are taken into account.

So without further pomp and circumcision, I give you El Mock Magnifico….

1st Round – Cordy Glenn, OG, Georgia, 6’-6", 345 lbs

Someone is gonna fall to us. There will be a run on one of the premium positions, maybe QB’s, maybe CB’s. Gone are DeCastro, Kuechly, Barron (would pick him if he were here), Stephen Gilmore (him too), J. Martin (someone will snatch him), and Poe. Available still are Cordy Glenn, Hightower, Mike Adams, and a few of the other projected late round DT’s.

There would be little argument that with those players, we’d take Glenn. The real argument is whether he would really be there at #24. I think so. I believe, even though he could possibly play OT, most teams that would eye him in the 1st, would project him to OG, rather than OT. The OG position is typically not highly sought in the 1st round, and this year the position is pretty deep. Again, someone will fall, and a projected OG is the best candidate for this. And it’s not that far of a fall for Glenn, who most mocks have going at about #20. Glenn’s size, athleticism, and the all important "position flexibility" make him too good to pass up.

Really skeptical about Hightower being drafted as high as #24. Although his size and leadership are intriguing, he still moves like a 265 pounder, and his 3-cone and shuttle times were atrocious. Scouts say he seems to play zone coverage very well, but would be a huge liability in any man coverage. I just think at #24, he’s got too many minuses.

Really love me some Kevin Zeitler. But dammit, at #24 he’s just too much of a reach. A shame because he would make the PERFECT Steeler. I think I’d take him over Hightower.

2nd Round – Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama, 6’-1", 316 lbs

Gone are Bobby Wagner (would love to snag this guy), Zeitler, and Amini Silatolu. Available are Chapman, Alameda Taamu, Jared Crick, and Trumaine Johnson (I had a hard time passing up a guy who’s mother’s named Lynn Stallworth). Many will say this is far too early to draft Josh Chapman. Not me. He won’t be there in the 3rd. No worries, take him in the 2nd and don’t look back. I consider taking Chapman in the 2nd a fine example of the Steelers getting an excellent injury bargain.

Chapman is the perfect fit for a Steeler NT: Stoudt at the point of tact, cock-strong, and physical. His torn ACL is the only reason he’s projected as a 3rd rounder, otherwise there would be talk of us taking him at #24. The fact that this guy played through the season with a torn ACL is a testament to the guy’s mental toughness and dedication to his team. Hell, the injury was a blessing in disguise to us. It showcased his toughness and allowed him to fall to us in the 2nd.

With Casey recovering from a torn ACL, why on earth would we draft another NT with similar injury? Such thinking is short-sided foolishness. Chapman will anchor our defense for the next decade. I like him much more than Alameda Taamu and 5 years from now there will be no question we made the right choice.

3rd Round – Markelle Martin, FS, Oklahoma St., 6’-1", 207 lbs.

Almost made the 1000 pounds in the 1st 3 rounds, but I found this safety too good to pass up. Would have liked Mychal Kendricks ILB, but he is gone. Markelle Martin however, is yet another injury bargain for the Steelers. A right knee injury has kept him from performing at the combine or pro-days and he is flying way under the radar. Martin is a smart, big hitting safety who can cover. He excelled in big games, and won Player of the Game in the 2010 Alamo Bowl.

4th Round – James Michael-Johnson, ILB, Nevada, 6’-1", 241 lbs.

This guy is a tough, aggressive football player with good size and athleticism and is a vocal leader. He’s good value in the 4th and would have the potential to take over Farrior’s role as the future captain of the defense.

5th Round – Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa, 6’-3", 216 lbs

McNutt has excellent size and hands to be a nice possession receiver and possibly the endzone threat we’ve needed for oh so long.

6th Round 193– Nate Potter, OT, Boise St., 6’-6", 303 lbs

A project OT. Could turn into something with some strength conditioning.

7th Round – Akiem Hicks, DT, Regina (Canada), 6-5", 318 lbs.

An incredibly gifted but raw DE that the Steelers can hopefully develop into a solid player.

These my friends are the young men who will be chosen to continue the legacy and traditions of the Black and Gold. The Aztec Gods cannot be any clearer on this.

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