A Draft strategy coming from Uruguay

I started this as a reply for Maryrose's pick in our Mock Draft, but thought it was too long for just a reply, as always excuse me if my english is not perfect but it's not my first language.

Count me in with those hesitant at the moment of getting Hightower with the 24th overall pick, as most of you i would welcome him with open arms if he ends up being a Steeler, but i actually don't feel he is a great pick.

Personally the only ILB i would target on the first round is Luke Kuechly and he will be long gone by the time Colbert starts making calls to tell people they will be drafted by the greatest organization of them all.

Most people screaming that the first ILB that goes near Colbert's reach has to be taken at any cost forget what happened when Porter was cut a few years ago, the reason they cut Porter is the Steeler had great faith in a guy called James Harrison, and that turned up pretty OK.

This time it's Stevenson Sylvester who is waiting in line to come into the first team and show what he's made off, please don't get me wrong, by no means i am trying to say that Stallone... hmmm.... Sylvester... is Silverback's second coming... what i try to tell you is that i feel Colbert, Tomlin and LeBeau might know something we don't and might be seing some promise in this guy's future.

I know most of you may jump on me and say... Seriously? Have you seen him play last year in his only start? ...

And My Answer is ... Yes... i have seen him play but there are just a few things that may come into consideration.

Remember that first start was in week 8 of a season without a proper Pre-season against a Brady lead Patriots team that lost only three times that year (one of them being that same game against the black and gold)

It is hard enough to start for the first time in your career in the middle of the season when everyone has already got used to playing besides their usual team mates, it made it harder that on just his second year he could not get a full offseason to learn, and the opponent was not the easiest one to play in such a difficult situation.

But when i see him play Special Teams i see a guy with fire on him, again make me remember some 92 guy, i think he may just have something to show to all of us.

I actually like Sly's chances to be our buck for the coming years, but in case that doesn't work Tomlin has a great Insurance in a guy who has played many years in the system and done ok with his chances in Larry Foote.

So unless we get to find a once in a generation ILB (who i think is Kuechly this year) i say just wait tll round 3 or lower to get a developmental ILB prospect to work on.

So... what to do now...

Both Glenn and obviously De Castro look to be gone by that time also... if De Castro or Kuechly fall down enough for us to be able to reach to them with a trade i would go for them.

I think interior linemen is by far our greatest need but again, anyone besides Glenn and De Castro look like a reach for the Steelers IMO, specially since Konz (the only other Interior lineman worthy of the 24th) is a center and what makes him deserving of that pick is his ability to play that position which is not were he would end up playing while Pouncey being there (Obviously Maurkice has some injury concerns, but i would not pick a guy in the first round for his ability to be there in case another guy goes down).

Obviously i like Dontari Poe, i know he is raw, but he would just play garbage downs mostly on his first year and i completely believe that coach Mitchell can do his thing with such a specimen.

Ok... i know... i know... Poe will also be gone by this time....

Personally i do not want to take an OT in the first round at all, i first want to see how Gilbert deals the LT, how Colon comes back from his past injuries, and if this doesn't happen we still have Starks... and.... well.... Scott.

Damm this is getting hard...

Now in my opinion we are down to two options...

The first one is the obvious one, that Colbert has followed many times in the past and its go BPA no matter what and get who ever falls far enough with the best ranking in our board.

If some obvious talent falls down to 24 i say pick him... that would not surprise me at all...

If not, and as much as i hate moving out of the first round talent, i think trading for another 2nd rounder and something else at this point doesn't look that bad.

I think in the positions of need, where most of us want the Steelers to draft, like Guard, Linebacker and Nose Tackle we can get some good talent in the lower rounds, while getting an extra pick and not reaching,

I am thinking guys like Zeitler, Silatolu, Ta'amu, Chapman, etc.

Hope you guys didn't get bored by now and kept on reading... if that's the case thanks for paying attention to a guy who lives in a country where Football is thought of a sport with a round ball and actually played with the feet but that has been playing and watching the other more fun kind of football for more than 10 years.

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