My first ever Steelers 7 round Mock Draft (with trades)

I have been following the draft almost since i started following my beloved steelers, always reading mock drafts, always reading about prospects, watching youtube videos, etc. But never before have i attempted doing my own Steelers Mock draft, so i am giving it a shot now.

So, ok... It's April 26th, the day has come, 23 teams have already selected their next Troy Polamalu's and their very own Jamarcus Russell's... Kevin Colbert is on the clock, De Castro, Poe, Kuechly, Glenn are long gone, Hightower, Martin, and many others are still there.

Just a few seconds prior to our picking turn Roger Goodell comes in front of the public and says...

The Pittsburgh Steelers with the 24th Overall pick have decided to trade down with the Jacksonville Jaguars... The Jaguars are now on the clock.

Details of the trade (This trade is just for the sake of this Mock Draft, don't even know what the Jags might be looking for here)
Pittsburgh gives - Round 1 Pick 24 (740 pts) and Round 5 Pick 24 (30.6 pts)
Jacksonville gives - Round 2 Pick 6
(520 pts) and Round 3 Pick 6 (240 pts)

Round 2 Pick 6 - Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin
Zeitler can be an inmediate upgrade in an average Offensive Guard rotation, has the right profile to be picked by the Pittsburgh Steelers, fills one of the greater needs and is of great value as a high 2nd Rounder.

Round 2 Pick 24 - Kelechi Osemele, OG/OT, Iowa State
In an attempt to cement the offensive line for the foreseable future, without any true NT around and believing in the likings of Stevenson Sylvester to pick up the Buck Linebacker position, the Steelers go with yet another OL, this time a guy who can play both Guard and Tackle bringing the so beloved versatility and much needed depth at Tackle besides Guard.

Round 3 Pick 6 - Mychal Kendricks, LB, California
Even as i don't grade ILB as such a big need as some do, i know we need someone to start grooming as one of the great Steelers LBs, Kendricks in the third looks like a situation where BPA meets need, and hoping that either Chapman or Mike Martin would be there for grabs in our next pick.

Round 3 Pick 24 - Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama
Many are affraid of taking chapman due to his knee issues being added to Big Snack's own knee, the fact is that mmany people believe this guy could have been a first rounder if not for that injury which he played through by the way. He has the best to learn from, and would join a situation were McLendon would also be there to backup Hampton this year while this guy gets better and learns how to play at this level.

Round 4 Pick 24 - Trenton Robinson, FS, Michigan State
Both Clark and Troy are over 30, they are still on their primes but may soon start to decline, as we all know Robinson probably won't even need to play on defense the first year while he learns what he is supposed to do in LeBeau's defense and could help on Special teams in the meantime.

Round 5 Pick 24 - Dealt

Round 6 Pick 24 - Keith Tandy, CB Wext Virginia
After Gay's departure suddenly there is one opening in the backup CB position, with Keenan Lewis, Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown moving up Tandy could compete for a place in the roster.

Round 7 Pick 24 - B.Walsh, K, Georgia
I think we all want someone to compete with Suisham for that Kicker spot.

Compensatory picks
Without digging much into the names here, i would try and get a Backup QB prospect, maybe a FB, and some more LB help.
Also a WR could become useful here, but let's not forget that 7 rounders, specially compensatory 7 rounders more often that not turn out to be just practice squad material, so i don't try to read much into it.

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