Quick Mock Draft...With a Trade

Though I would post this quickly.

Hope you like it.

Trade: Steelers trade Rd 1 #24 (740 pts) to Miami for Rd 2 #42 (480 pts) + Rd 3 #73 (225 pts Miami has 2 3rd rd picks) + Rd 5 #138 (37 pts) = 740 pts. Even trade.

Why: Steelers - If Cordy Glenn is available I don't make this trade as I feel he will develop into a dominating guard who can play some tackle. If Glenn is gone (most likely) I don't think Hightower is worth the pick. Sylvester will be given an opportunity to work out as they have 3 years invested in him. Plus there are some good ILB behind him in the draft.

Why: Miami - They will probably reach for Tannyhill with pick #8. Regardless of who starts at QB they still need a WR (got the extra 3rd round pick from Chicago for Brandon Marshall so they have no WR to speak of). By moving up they will be able to pick up either Hill from Georgia Tech or possibly Wright from Baylor. Either of whom is better than who they currently have.

So now for the draft:

Rd 2 #42 - Alameda Ta'Amu NT Washington - Reasoning here is self evident. Need a NT to learn from then replace Hampton next year. Going into this season he was looked at as a top 20 talent. Fills a need. You know the rest.

Rd 2 #56 - Brandon Brooks OG Miami (OH) - Again fills a major need. Not as ready as some other prospects but has a higher ceiling. Could easily win the starting job at LG. Mauler who will open holes for our RB.

Rd 3 # 73 - Marvin Jones WR California - Insurance against the loss of Wallace next year. Plus need another WR anyway. Excelled in most of the Combine events. Has good size (6'2" 199 lbs) and ran 4.46.

Rd 3 # 88 - Markelle Martin FS Ok St - Need to begin looking for safety replacement and depth. Can contribute immediately on ST and work into the rotation. Maybe replace Clark in 2 years.

Rd 4 # 120 - James Michael-Johnson ILB Nevada - One of the faster more fluid ILB. May need to add just a little muscle to hold up against the run, but then so did Timmons. Addresses lack of depth too.

Rd 5 # 138 - Kheeston Randall DT/DE Texas - Didn't have a great season but is stout against the run and give depth and flexibility as can play all along the defensive front. Has the size to be a good 3-4 DE.

Rd 5 # 152 - Omar Bolden CB Arizona State - Was suppose to be a 3rd pick but blew out knee during spring drills in 2011. Not fully healed yet but has been working out (did 24 reps on the bench) and is 5' 10" and 202 lbs. Ran a 4.54 on a not fully healed knee. Will challange for a starting spot when healthy.

Rd 6 # 184 - Jerry Franklin ILB Arkansas - Fast instinctive ILB who has started for Arkansas for 3 years. Knows how to find the ball carrier. If nothing else can be the next K. Fox on ST and depth at ILB.

Rd 7 # 210 - Randy Bullock K Texas A&M - All American kicker. Strong accurate leg.

Supp #1 - Travian Robertson DT/DE South Carolina - Developmental D-Lineman for the rotation. Good in the locker room. We shall see. Worth a flyer this late in the draft.

Supp #2 - Korey Williams ILB Southern Mississippi - Another 3-4 round prospect who tore ACL in October this year. Will need time to heal up on the PS but could be a steal. Was a tackling machine when healthy.

Supp #3 - James Carmon OT Mississippi State - Started out as a DL then moved over to O-line. Raw raw raw talent who will need 2 years to develop into anything resembling an NFL O-lineman at least. But you can't teach size and he is 6'6'' and 330 lbs. Would make an excellent RT in 3 years when Colon's contract is up.

Well there you have it.

I did not pick a RB as I think who we have is good enough if we fix the O-Line. If we don't then nobody will be able to run successfully. It all starts up front.

What do you think?

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