David DeCastro: The Ideal Steelers Player Becomes a Steeler

Well ladies and gentleman Colbert does it again. However in all Colbert's years in the draft I don't believe he has ever chosen a player that legitimately is the best player available and one of the biggest needs of this team going into the 2012 off-season. Never did I believe David DeCastro would be available for the Steelers at the 24th pick. DeCastro was my top guard and in my opinion easily in the top ten players in this years draft. Here is a little more analysis of David DeCastro, as if we needed anymore.

Physical Attributes:

DeCastro is a 6'5" 316lbs interior linemen with 33" arms and 10" hands. He did 34 reps at 225lbs.


David DeCastro fits the Steelers' mold better than any prospect in recent years coming out for the draft. He is an incredibly hard working, gym rat. His motor is non-stop on the field and has the pure desire to go out and hit someone. Not only is DeCastro a blue collar, give everything he has player, but he is also a perfectionist. He spends his time understanding the play book and his technique. This perfectionism is seen in his incredibly irritation about a play he terms The Sack. This play was the only sack David DeCastro ever gave up and it happened to be in his redshirt freshman year against Brian Price a second round pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has a very serious attitude and will come in day one and add a toughness to this interior line immediately. A great qoute from Andrew Luck about DeCastro,

" He is so serious he sometimes thinks a high five after a touchdown is too frivolous because it might break concentration," offered Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. "But the person he is hardest on is himself."


David DeCastro not only is a perfectionist, full motor player he is incredibly intelligent. At Stanford he made every call for the Cardinals. A player who pursued an engineering degree at Stanford says he loves academics, after multiple scholarship offers he chose Stanford for their academics. That is something not many athletes will do. DeCastro can play both guard positions, center and in a pinch some right tackle because he understands how to play these positions very well.

Pass Blocking:

DeCastro does a great job recognizing blitzes, and stunt something the Steelers previous left guard struggled with greatly. He is a fluid player who plays low,bends at his knees and uses his hands extremely well to nullify defensive tackles. Can sit in a chair and anchor very well as well as slide to help the offensive tackles. DeCastro is a technician who has amazing body control and exception feet movement. Honesty I don't think I have seen a 6'5" or taller player with this type of body control and balanced when engaged. If this didn't impress you may I remind you the only sack he has given up was in his redshirt freshman year against a defensive tackle that went in the top 50 of his draft class and he is still very angry about it. Ben's interception in the Super Bowl where he couldn't step up will never happen again because of DeCastro.

Run Blocking:

DeCastro excels in run blocking as well. With his exception body control he is able to stay low and drive out of his stance. He plays with an excellent base and uses his strength and awareness to open a hole at the line. However David DeCastro best attribute is his ability to pull. He gets around in front of the back quickly and uses his eyes to easily find his target. He will kick out a defensive linemen or go straight to the next level at a linebacker. After he is at his target he finishes pancaking them with his ability to stay low in the pull and his pure size and strength. David DeCastro is one of the best pulling guards I have seen in many years. The only real thing DeCastro need to work on is his drive blocking. He will need to get stronger to move the giant nose tackle in the NFL and will also need to work on his explosion which is very good but not elite yet. Though he can improve on this he doesn't stop until the whistle and will easily out work his opponent. Lets just say it is going to be an intriguing match up between him and Ngata.


David DeCastro is going to come in and work day one. He needs to improve his lower body strength to help against the elite bull rushing defesive tackles and to help him blow players off the line of scrimmage. I think with his perfectionist mentality DeCastro will easily get better in the preseason and the Steelers are looking at their second All-Pro interior linemen. DeCastro allows them to run the power to the right that the Steelers love and to run to the left behind his base block. I am incredibly interested to see him against Haloti Ngata. In my opinion with Pouncy chipping Ngata doesn't stand a chance. In the old fable David defeated the mammoth Goliath I believe David DeCastro will help the Steelers nullify Haloti Ngata. DeCastro can help Pouncey recognize any blitzes and because of his mentality and play I believe you will also see a huge increase in both Markice Pouncey's play and Marcus Gilbert's play. It is amazing for me to think that one player can make this offensive line do much better but that is what I think could happen easily. Look for Issac Redman and Rashard Mendenhall to have to have a big season as well if healthy. Once again I don't know how Colbert did it but he did it. If there was a grade higher than A+ I'd give it but since there isn't the DeCastro pick is an A+ from myself and all of Steeler Nation.

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