My early favorite players from the 7th round & UDFA's.

1. Toney Clemons 7th round WR. I know everybody else is getting on the Tony Clemons bandwagon, but count me in as well. Watching a lot of the you tube film on him and listening to Scotty Montgomery talk about him gives me hope for this kid. Scotty raved on A. Brown and that went well.

This time he's not as glowing about Toney, but what he did say bodes well. He's got the right attitude to make it in our locker room which I would take to mean he isn't timid, self-doubting or too self absorbed. He wins contested balls, which is usually a product of the receiver adjusting to the ball and using his body well to gain an advantage vs. the defender.

What you see on the little tape I watched is a player adjusting to the ball in flight really well. He gets himself in position fluidly and isn't reaching out to grab balls over the defender. This is big because while Ben is great, he's not Joe Montana with accuracy.

I think Toney will impress in camp with his running and adjusting to balls, we'll see about his route running and ability to play against NFL corners. If he performs well in preseason expect to see him get his share of throws.

Potential: A 6'2" Marques Colston. That's a pretty solid player if it works out.

2. Ryan Lee UDFA OG. His pro day workout was kind of epic. His arms are epicly short. Doug Legursky short. His tape is pretty good, Furman played Florida last year and he did really well in that game. He doesn't seem to like stopping his blocks, one of those play to the whistle Lineman, yet I wasn't seeing him hold them too long. He seems very much like a straight ahead mauler of a Guard, line him up, tell him who to block.

Watch for him in sled drills and one on one matchups, that should tell if he's gonna have any shot. If he can handle the step up to NFL defenders he could make it on this team as a depth OL, maybe even the Practice squad.

Potential: Doug Legursky. That's no Pro-Bowler, but Doug has been very valuable to us.

3. Conner Dixon UFDA WR. He played at Duquesne and was a pretty decent QB until injuries to his shoulder moved him to WR. There he did pretty well his senior year. He's a big time project and has a lot to learn about WR, but as a former QB he should be able to make the transition pretty well.

I'll be rooting for him as QB's turned WR's has worked for us before, and because he's 6'5" and fast. I don't expect it will work out, but I'd love to see him tear it up in the preseason, burn some other teams scrubs for a couple deep TD's. Seriously, Alex Tanney to Connor Dixon, who wouldn't love that?

Potential: 6'5" with speed and nothing else really? No clue. We can always dream he'll catch up and become great can't we?

4. Brandond Lindsey UDFA LB. He played a hybrid role at Pitt, he's a natural Pass rusher with good first step and solid rush moves. He has no real bull rush though. He isn't really fast, or really strong, he just has some good instincts for rushing the passer. He had some hype after his breakout 2010 campaign, but actually looked worse in 2011. Maybe it was the Coaching nightmare the team went through (and whined about) that hampered him, and a good environment with our phenomenal staff will help him find his potential.

I hope he does enough his first time through to get on our Practice Squad, because if this kid can develop he is a natural pass rusher and could become a valuable back-up/situational player for us. Maybe a guy who steps in down the road and starts for a few years.

Potential: Clark Haggans? If he can stick around and learn the system I could see him having some production with us.

5. Grant Ressel UDFA K.

One of the top kickers in the nation who has been among the most accurate and dependable of anyone ... Should contend for national honors once again, after making a combined 96.2% (127-of-132) of his total kicks over the last two seasons (43 of 46 FGs.

Just read that a couple of times and hope. He hit a couple of 50 yarders in there.

Sadly that was after 2010. His 2011 campaign he hit 9 of 16 kicks. That's 56.3%, or Jeff Reed sober territory. Hopefully he gets whatever it was back and we get one heck of a kicker.

Potential: Please, Please, Please be better than Suisham. . .

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